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  1. The Kilted Heathen

    What is Samhain?

    So as not to spoil festivities, I thought to post this here. I recently answered an objection to "The Origins of Halloween Are Pagan" that relied on several misconceptions. So, to clear that up: The Irish tale Tochmarc Emire lists Samhain as one of four quarterly Fire Festivals, marking the...
  2. danieldemol

    What God has not joined together: Humanist weddings in Scotland now outnumber Christian ones

    ‘Marriages celebrated through a non-religious belief ceremony are now outnumbering Christian ones in Scotland as the nation increasingly turns its back on churches. Official stats reveal that for the first time there were more humanist marriages in Scotland last year than there were Christian...
  3. danieldemol

    Scotland’s hatespeech law proposal

    What do you think of Scotland’s hate speech law? Specifically should we be able to abuse or stir up hatred against religions?
  4. MelissaBolton

    The Direct Descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene DNA confirmed, comes forward!

    Hi, My Husband is the DNA confirmed Direct Descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the Heir to the Scottish Throne. This did take some time for my Husband to get his head around. He was unaware. Absolutely no Idea. Our story is quite unique and very interesting. We are getting a heap...