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  1. AnthonyGiarrusso

    Why would somebody willingly become a Satanist?

    Satan tempted Jesus to eat rocks. That is what a 3-year old tries to do to their parents. Like what kind of mindset do Satanists have? I just don't see it. Why do Satanists believe that Satan is better in their view to God? Why do many, but not all, Satanists get absurd amounts of tattoos and...
  2. Oceana


    hi! Im Oceana. I’ve been a theistic satanist since 2015. It’s been pretty lonely, only meeting once or two people like me. Im here to make friends, preferably my age. Pm me <3
  3. Luciferi Baphomet

    New domain and website

    If you are interested in learning about Satanism, you can visit Followers of Lucifer and Education / Believers of Lucifer – Get More Educated About Satanism! (An Educational Website). The information is mostly the same. There is new stuff added to the website so check it out sometime.
  4. D

    Satanist, Luciferian, or both?

    Are you a satanist, a luciferian, or both? /self description, contextually, for this question. // idea from another thread
  5. Z

    Does my religion count as Theistic Satanism or is it more general Syncretic?

    Hi everyone! I'm Christened as a Catholic, I believe in God and the Holy Trinity, many of my views match that of the Catholic Church, but there are some differences, for example the degree in which I interpret the Bible literally is more strict. But, while I believe in the worldview laid down...
  6. Serpent Child

    I want to give my future kids a Satanic Baptism

    I want to give my children a Satanic Baptism when they're born but I saw a thread here once on if giving children a Christian Baptism is moral and that's it should be up to the child. The satanic Baptism is here: Satanic Baptism It says, "The Satanic baptism is the beginning of protection and...
  7. Serpent Child

    Planet Meditations

    These meditations are for using a planets energies, connecting with a planet, etc. These methods were given to me by another Satanist / Astrologer. :) "You want to absorbs energies from the planets. This form of method can be applied towards any planets. Be aware some planets are harder than...
  8. CCXLVI.

    Satan is the Word of Life, and the Name of the Original Religion

    In ancient Egypt SATA is the name of the creator God, this also relates to the concept of the Serpent Genie. However Genie is a English spelling for Jin which is originally Jat or Jot as a letter. And Jat means "Power" in the concept of the power of god, the creator god which is the serpent...
  9. Naganami

    Satan's True Name Origins

    Satan along with the variations of His name derives from many Sanskrit words. SANAT an anagram of Satan meaning: "always, from old, forever" and He's also referred to as: "Progenitor of Mankind." Through the "Satnam" mantra, we can see Satan is the name of God, which is explained in this thread...
  10. Serpent Child

    How should I tell my Christian Family I'm a Satanic Witch?

    I don't really know where else to ask this..how do I tell my Christian family that I practice true ancient Satanism and Witchcraft?? Do you have experience with this? Or you and your family practice the same religion..?
  11. Naganami

    The Devil is a derogatory term for the word Devi

    The term "Devil" is an abrahamic corruption of "Devi" from the east, which originally has a more respectable meaning. Devi represents the Life Force (Serpentine Energy) which is what animates all living, forming the light of the soul. The Myth of Eden (The Adam and Eve story is about Kundalini...
  12. Naganami

    Meditation for the Pineal Gland

    I enjoy sharing knowledge but I don't know where else to post this information. This meditation will stimulate and activate your pineal gland and will also start the ambrosia flowing. Everyone is different so it may take weeks, months or even years for different people. **Note: I didn't invent...
  13. Serpent Child

    Christian/Catholic Witches?

    I have met more Christian/Catholic Witches than Satanic Witches. When I asked one Christian Witch about how the bible condemns Witchcraft she said, "Witchcraft is found throughout the whole Bible!" I think she meant Herbalism and Oils that were used (a part of Witchcraft) but I'm still unsure...
  14. Serpent Child

    New to Forums

    I grew up Christian, I practice True Ancient Satanism and Witchcraft. I also do free divination (tarot, shufflemancy and stitchomancy) readings, you can PM if you want one. I'm here to learn more about various religions and enjoy Knowledge, exploring other people's points of views and meeting...
  15. Serpent Child

    The Ancient Satanic Scriptures

    Some of the Ancient Satanic Scriptures are the Al-Jilwah, Qu'ret Al Yezid, Satan's Poems (I-III), the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Sanskrit Texts, ect and are some of my favorites. Some of my favorite lines of Satanic Scriptures are, "I was, am now, and shall have no end." - Satan, the Al-Jilwah...
  16. D

    Have you made a pact with Satan?

    can vote, describe if you want
  17. Kielbasa

    I find that a red Solo cup marked "Jesus" is best for spit when I dip

    I wonder now that the holiday of St. Patrick's Day has passed, that we can talk in good faith about the renewed study of pagan traditions that have been subsumed by later and more mainstream religions. Many people believe that most of the Christian calendar is full of such motivations, while...