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  1. Exaltist Ethan

    Poll: Syncretism in Pantheism

    Pantheism seems to be a pretty easy concept to understand, yet, I would argue that most people who self-identify as pantheist, panentheist, pandeist, or panendeist also subscribe to some amount of other theology or religion. In the strictest sense possible I consider myself panendeist, as in...
  2. Exaltist Ethan

    The Difference Between a Synverse and Nature

    This is going to be a thought experiment and honestly I'm not sure what my final conclusion will be. So, in accordance to the thread title, I would like to explain the difference between a synverse and nature. According to how I define a synverse, a synverse is any point in which creation...
  3. DharmaCatLamp

    Pagans/Heathens do you believe in an all powerful God above the rest?

    Howdy! Just to clarify right off the bat I am talking about you personally. There is obviously not any ideological body that would declare what pagans believe or don't believe. I was checking out a book called The Search for God in Ancient Egypt. The book is by Jan Assman and has been...
  4. Exaltist Ethan

    Why are Your Theological Beliefs Correct?

    This thread is inspired by this thread that I made exactly two months ago. I realize now that thread had certain errors to it that I desire to correct with this thread. First, that thread was in Interfaith Discussion, which is fine, but looking back on that thread from the very beginning there...
  5. Exaltist Ethan


    I am writing this in the Pantheism DIR because Omnitheism as I understand it is very similar to Pantheism. I would like to discuss with my fellow Pantheists about the change that I started to suspect will happen in the distant future. What I see this natural, pantheistic reality, where nature...
  6. Exaltist Ethan

    What Convinced You?

    This thread is an attempt to explain what convinced me that my independent faith, Exaltism, is reality. This might get long... Exaltism as a word simply means an adherence to raise the status of things. Based on its pure etymology there shouldn't be much more to that. There is, however. We need...
  7. Exaltist Ethan

    When You Talk to People Unaware About Your Religion, How Do You Describe It?

    Oh boy. To answer this question for myself... Almost everybody in real life knows me as a pantheist. And the reason why I describe myself as a pantheist is because calling myself that is easier than explaining Exaltism, Syntheism, etc. "I am a pantheist and believe nature is synonymous with...
  8. Exaltist Ethan

    What Type of Theologies Do You Believe In?

    The original source: Spectra of Religion and Magic Upon my research for theology spectrums I came across an article detailing eight distinct theologies abroad a wide range of differing viewpoints regarding God. This includes: transtheism, atheism, agnosticism, panentheism, pantheism...
  9. Cosmos-intérieur

    Polypantheism : a new ontology of omniverse

    polypantheism or pluralistic pantheism. belief of polypantheism is the belief in several Gods in a horizontal hierarchy, they are all as much Divine as each other. All are omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, at all times in all spaces and in all places. these Gods are not other things than us...
  10. Exaltist Ethan

    The Superverse

    What is The Superverse? The Superverse is any reality which all is possible. Second Life, Roblox, Facebook's Meta and Minecraft are all considered simulated superverses. I have talked to a Projectionist about his beliefs and came to a conclusion about my own. The Omniverse is not a Superverse...
  11. Exaltist Ethan

    The Obvious Facts Nobody Else Outside Your Faith Seems to Understand

    When I talk to Christians they seem to have much of the same talking points, that is apologetics. If God exists why is there evil? To allow free will. I then argue from that point that there is no free will in Heaven, if there is no evil in Heaven. I digress. Most Christians seem to be equipped...
  12. M

    New Cosmology and Theisms? (Also on Angels and God)

    Before World War I, human understanding of physical cosmology, angels, and God was very limited. Traditional theism, pantheism, and panentheism existed only in relation to the very limited cosmology all around (i.e., nearby cosmic bodies only). A number of key things in physics, theology, and...
  13. SalixIncendium

    Non-Anthropomorphic Immanent God = Atheism?

    It was suggested in another thread that a belief structure that views God as non-anthropomorphic and non-transcendent (immanent) is sexed-up atheism. What are your thoughts on this?
  14. SabahTheLoner

    Godless Paganism (Book)

    I've been reading a book that I think many Pagans, theistic or not, should take the time to read. The book is called Godless Paganism. It's a fairly large collection of essays compiled by Pagan atheists, naturalists, humanists, pantheists, soft polytheists and even a few syncretic occultists...
  15. Nefelie

    Pantheists everywhere, unite! :)

    ~~~ Hello everyone! It’s nice to be somewhere where there are other Pantheists like me. Where I live, we seem to be an extremely rare “specie”. I’d like to ask what made you a Pantheist? Thank you for responding! :) .