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  1. questfortruth


    UFO translates as Unidentified FO. But he has been identified for a long time. Identified as The Secret, as the Mystery. There is always a place for mystery in this world. There are two Mysteries: 1. Sinful Mystery - satan, "and on her forehead is the name - Mystery" (Book of Apocalypse), 2...
  2. questfortruth

    Is Precognition ability test scientific?

    Anything can be examined by science, even the beliefs like "unscientific precognition" (e.g. by TV-show "Mythbusters")? The needed test starts by: Take the PC random number generator, which output is 1 or 2. Make it run 3 times, hereby you try to predict the coming number. Using Science...
  3. stvdv

    It's useless IMHO to prove your point(about God) to others

    25 jun 2018 stvdv 012 76 It's useless IMHO to prove your point(about God) to others Yesterday or so I replied to a post "Does God care if some decide not to believe in Him?" 1) God won't care If God does NOT exist 2) God won't care If God does exist These ones can be proven easily even Of...
  4. W

    What are examples of paradox in scriptures? I like Psalm 131

    Any good examples of deliberate paradox? God is incomprehensible but knowable. I like the 3 verse psalm , Psalm 131 (psalm-lett?) (laden with paraxod-letts)? Discussion guide week 7 the short psalms
  5. D

    What does "mystery" as to the trinity mean to you?

    How much of a "mystery", is the trinity, to you? Could you explain in simple terms, your theology, your idea , of theology, ?
  6. D


    Nevermind, changed dir for thread
  7. oranssi

    Hello, I'm a theist and atheist at the same time

    Yes, that is how I define myself. I'm both at the same time, therefore I could as well be none. I don't believe in believe. That being said, I believe that we are all transparent to Nature which we humans make part of. All things known and unknown are plenty as they are, so much so that...