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  1. sheru

    Hindus Only: Alternative to Naam japa in Hinduism (Advaita Vedanta)

    I used to do Naam Japa in the past but since I have come to know about Advaita this practice is unacceptable to my mind. I can't find it logical. Though I have experienced it's mind purifying benefits yet it doesn't satisfy my logical mind. Is there any way I can do something other than Naam...
  2. DharmaCatLamp

    Interesting Experience and Thoughts about Interconnection

    So It's been a little while since I posted on these forums but I have been continuing my practice. Yesterday I was doing my normal ritual worship and meditation. I offered a banana to Ma Kali then bowed down so my head touched the floor. When my head touched the floor I was immediately filled...
  3. Viker

    Songs For A Dying Sun

    Just a good set of ambient music for relaxation, meditation or, if you're into it, ritual. I sometimes like darker ambience for the clarity.
  4. DharmaCatLamp

    Religion, Spirituality and Effort

    Howdy! I was thinking that a lot of folks seem to forget that spiritual paths require effort. Yes you might be a part of a path merely by claiming membership in said path but often this is only the beginning. If one claims to be a Buddhist for example this is all cool and good but if you...
  5. DharmaCatLamp

    Brahman Moment

    Today as I was petting my dog and looking at the sun everything just kin of fell into place. I looked at her and realized she is Brahman as much as I am Brahman. For a little while I was in complete bliss. Everything just kind of seemed right in the world and everything came together. Nothing...
  6. DharmaCatLamp

    What Spiritual Practices Do You Find Most Effective?

    Howdy. As I have been exploring around lately I keep hearing about a variety of spiritual practices people engage in. Some sound interesting while other sounds plain old silly. This being said I am pretty open to trying new things. So with that in mind I would like to ask you all what...
  7. DharmaCatLamp

    Ongoing and Future Plans for Daily Bhakti

    Howdy. So, I have been starting some daily practices to try and connect closer with God. These next two weeks are going to be more devotional than usual for me as I am new to this and my recent interaction with Kali has led me to believe this will be good for me. I figured I would share what my...
  8. M

    Tantra explained in a simple way (video's: 1)

    Tantra is not the same thing as religion, it is a special powerful mystic practice. Tantra can be found in Hindu contexts, Buddhist contexts, Jain contexts and even in Christianity and Sufi Islam. Tantra is the result of thousands of years of experimentation with the human mind, so it is more...
  9. SalixIncendium

    Meditation, Contemplation, or Relaxation

    When one says, "I meditate," what does one mean? I hear others say, "I'm going to meditate on _________." But is this really meditation? If one is going to sit in silence in consideration of a thought, concept, or idea, that's contemplation, not meditation. When one sits, takes a few deep...
  10. M

    Sádhaná (Tantrics only)

    I would like to give some personal comments on a talk on the subject of Sádhaná which Shrii Shrii Anandamurti gave on Vaeshákhii Púrnimá* 1958 during Dharma Maha Cakra in Ranchi, Bihar, India (published in Subhásita Samgraha Part 7 & in Discourses on Tantra Part II). Page 3 ==== SÁDHANÁ...
  11. carmenara

    Travel to Spiritual Planets

    Where does this topic belong? I attended scripture classes about a month ago at a Hare Krishna temple, and had a pleasant experience recently that seemed to link to each other - the concept of "travel to other planets" without a vessel was briefely covered in said classes and there was a nice...
  12. kyjds

    Julliunyte Ritual Meditation

    Julliunyte: A Secret To Your Every Wish! By: Joseph D Smith The Julliunyte Ritual Meditation is my own creation and I have gotten my wishes granted plenty of times before! There is only one thing you must do to grant your every wish, which doesn't involve positive thinking, nor the law of...
  13. SalixIncendium

    Escapism (or Nah)

    Escapism is practiced voluntarily in different forms such as alcohol/drug use or abuse when dealing with adverse circumstances in "reality." My question has more to do with escapism at subconscious level. Have any of you experienced an involuntary slip into a meditative state when dealing with...
  14. SalixIncendium

    Complexity/Simplification of Religious/Spiritual Practice

    I have studied forms of religion and spirituality that range from quite simple to quite convoluted. I suppose these questions might apply to those whose follow less dogmatic or have moved to less dogmatic belief structures, but anyone may feel free to participate in this discussion. Do you...
  15. SalixIncendium

    Scripture or Experience?

    There are those that claim that religious truth is found in Scripture, be it the Bible, the Quran, The Bhavagad Gita, the Principia Discordia, or other sacred texts. My question to you is this: Is it better to learn from a subject's biographer, or from the subject Him/Her/Itself? In other...
  16. Alea iacta est

    Meditation in Judaism...

    ... is not very wellknown. What I understand it's been existing in Judaism since the Antiquity. This means we're not discussing Jewish Buddhists but Jewish meditation. How common is Jewish meditation among you who are Jews? Which branch (Reform, Conservative, Orthodox etc) use it most? There...
  17. Serpent Child

    How to Go Inside Any Planet or Star Astrally

    These are different methods and meditations on how to go in the center of any planets or stars astrally. The purpose of this can be to empower your soul, connect more with a planet or star, etc. One man I know did this with the planet Rigel, he told me its like our sun but on steroids. STEPS...
  18. Shanmugam

    The Journey of a seeker - My story

    Hello everyone... This is my first post
  19. Lorgar-Aurelian

    What music gets you in a spiritual sort of mood.

    Sometimes when I listen to certain music I feel a sort of spiritual mood come over me. Meditative prayerful sort of mood really. I was just wondering what kind of music puts you in that sort of mood? Here are a few of mine. Arabic Orthodox Chant احمدوا الرب - YouTube Green Tara...
  20. Lorgar-Aurelian

    A bit of reflection.

    I often stop and try to reflect on the things I do, the things I think, and the things I want or intend to do. It's occurred to me that this whole searching for faith thing goes in a big cycle. Every few months I try to take a crack at it hoping I will find something that will make the...