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  1. Exaltist Ethan

    Avoiding Nihilism

    You may know that my theology is syntheism. The belief that humans are creating God. And that all of us are in some ways already doing this. Ideally, you’d think because of this that I wouldn’t be a nihilist. However, negative thoughts permeate my head on a daily basis. I love being an advocate...
  2. DharmaCatLamp

    Meaning In Fictional and "Real" Religion

    Howdy folks. This was inspired by the post Fictional Religions so you guys should check that out I suppose. I was thinking about fictional religions and the thought I kept coming back to is that whether an idea appears in what we might call fiction vs what we might call scripture is...
  3. TransmutingSoul

    Meaning can never be exhausted!

    I think this is a great topic, as it allows us to embrace science while contemplating Religious Scripture. I see the biggest error we can make, it to think that Words and passages of scripture have but one meaning. To me they are creation every letter of every word has a universe of meaning...
  4. Kooky

    That moment when you realize a song has a not-so-hiddenmeaning you've been missing the whole time...

    I've been listening to Eddy Grant's Gimme Hope Jo'anna quite a few times in the past, but only now realized that it's a song decrying the South African Apartheid regime (and the titular "hope" is about its end): Has this ever happened to you? Have you suddenly realized that a song you've...
  5. Onoma

    The shaky road of Biblical literalism

    Quite often I see the things in the Hebrew Bible presented as 100% literal word for word accounts of events that actually happened / existed ~ The Garden of Eden and the serpent ~ The flood and the ark ~ The firmament etc Now, I personally believe the Bible is " God's word "...
  6. charlie sc

    An insight into what some atheists have to consider - said the bear

    This short video describes perfectly, and quite optimistically I might add, the existential dilemma an atheist may face. I'm not sure how theists feel about it, but it would be interesting - said the bear.
  7. Lorgar-Aurelian

    Is a meaningless universe enough of a reason to adopt a religion?

    If you believed that the truth of the universe was that it was meaningless and that human life was a mere accident is this a good enough reason to try and adopt a different set of beliefs? Is It enough of a reason that someone who thinks all this is depressing and that existing would at least be...
  8. B

    Bind runes

    Hello, I'm new in the forum and I was looking for an answer. I've started being interesting in runes and their meaning and powers and I really wanted to give them a chance. I have in mind a tattoo consisting in a bind rune meaning hope and good luck. I'm not really sure if this is a good idea...
  9. Ana.J

    To believe, or not to believe....?

    Hello Guys, Just a few thoughts on the faith in God..... So do you agree that a person who believes in God and the one who doesn't live a different lives? I am not talking about fanatical dogmatic religious followers. Just a person who believes in supreme being/ the Creator and afterlife...
  10. Rakovsky

    Is the root meaning of NTR/Natjir (God) - wonder, shake, force, power, rise, tremble, animate?

    After considering in my last message whether NTR is related to heaven (Nut) and the celestial waters (Nunet), I looked for words in other languages in the Afro-Asiatic family that could show a common root meaning. First, I looked at Budge's dictionary and noted that it mentions among other...
  11. O

    What do different faiths teach regarding dreams and meanings?

    I've had plenty of weird dreams, I don't know what they mean. But since I'm here I might as well ask this: What do different faiths teach regarding dreams and what they mean? Would it help for me to post some of the dreams I’ve had? Dreams have ranged from topics like just plain creepy to...