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  1. Shaul

    Pew research survey on education among religions

    Pew research surveyed educational attainment among religions and non-affiliated. Jews wereounf toe the most highly educated group. http://assets.pewresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2016/12/12150541/Religion-Education-ONLINE-FINAL.pdf
  2. Altfish

    An Eruv near where I live - thoughts please.

    I live very close to an area in the UK where the Jewish community wish to create a large eruv. What are people's thoughts on this? For those who do not know what an eruv is, it is basically a way of creating an artificial 'walled city' using posts and wire that allows the most orthodox of Jews...
  3. Shaul

    How does Hinduism's dharma compare with Judaism's muss are?

    In Judaism the is a movement called Mussar. It uses self character improvement ethical living as the vehicles for spiritual growth. I am not familiar with Hinduism but would like input from those that are. More specifically how would Hinduism's Dharma paths compare with Judaism's Mussar? For...
  4. Shaul

    I am Shaul, Shalom

    My name is Shaul and I am Jewish. I was born Jewish in an interfaith (Christian/Jewish) home and raised in a Christian home. In my youth and early adulthood I was a sincere and dedicated Christian. After a divorce I questioned many things, including whether Christianity was right. I concluded...
  5. Subhankar Zac

    Halal & Kosher meat must be banned and stunning the animal before slaughter must be mandatory India

    India is the country of 3 Dharmic faiths and philosophies that often strictly promotes a vegetarian diet. The concept of AHIMSA, That predates modern Hinduism and Buddhism, against animals often made it impure for one to consume meat or eggs (Except Kshatriya clans and a few others) Many Hindus...
  6. Nazarene National

    Anyone know of Nazarene Judaism?

  7. Nazarene National

    Thoughts on Nazarene Judaism?

    Anyone have any thoughts of thew 1st century movement of the Nazarenes?
  8. sPagan

    Converting to Judaism, but no local synagogue

    Hey everyone, so here's my question. The local synagogue is basically in apartment since in the time of fascism the synagogue was destroyed and the territory for rebuilding a new one hasn't been returned to the Jewish community since then. So basically the conversion is not possible since it...
  9. Flankerl

    Some of the last Jews of Yemen brought to Israel in secret mission

  10. bluegoo300

    Is the Antichrist a person?

    Antichrist is a Christian term based on interpretation of passages in the New Testament, in which the term "antichrist" occurs five times in 1 John and 2 John. Once in plural form and four times in the singular. In some Christian eschatologies, Jesus the Christ or Christian Messiah will appear...