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  1. Harel13

    The Shabbat Thread

    For @Deeje and whoever else may be interested in learning more about the Jewish concept of the Sabbath, or as we like to call it: Shabbat or Shabbos, here's a thread where you can ask your questions and we Jews will do our best to answer them. I would appreciate if other RF Jews would also put...
  2. Harel13

    How do Christians view Judaism?

    Not sure if this is in the right section... Anyway, through various discussions and, at times, heated debates online with Christians on different sites these last couple of years, I've come under the impression that at least some Christians view Judaism as "Christianity minus Jesus". Certainly...
  3. C

    Why do they look so different?

    Ham had 2 children, Mizraim (Egypt) and Cush (Ethiopia). Both brothers must have looked similar, because they have the same father and mother. Now my question is, why do the Ethiopians look so different from today's Egyptians? Why are the Ethiopians black but the modern Egyptians white and that...
  4. C

    Are today's Egyptians Semites or Hamites?

    Today's Egyptians look like Arabs(semitic) and speak Arabic(semitic). So, I would say they are Semites. But many Egyptians say they are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians. This confuses me a little. How can they be Semites and Hamites at the same time? Because we know that Mizraim (the...
  5. C

    Can you answer these three questions?

    Can God destroy Himself? If not, is he omnipotent at all? Can God create another Almighty God? If not, is he omnipotent at all? Can God create a being that is more powerful than himself? If not, is he omnipotent at all? If yes, was he omnipotent at all?
  6. C

    Who are you?

    (this question is only addressed to Christians, Muslims and Jews) If I asked you who you are and where you come from, could you answer me Biblically whether you are a Hamite, a Semite or a Japhetite? And do you also know from which tribe of the respective father you come? Personally I am sure...
  7. C

    Sounds of Hell (With Recording)

    During the Cold War, the USA and the Soviet Union began to compete over who would be the first to land on the moon. We know that the USA won this race. That's why the USSR wanted to set another record - drill the deepest hole in the world to the center of the Earth! In 1970 the Soviet...
  8. C

    Are the dietary laws to be understood in the spiritual sense?

    I just read the Barnabas letter and found something I haven't heard before. "Barnabas" writes that the dietary laws of the Old Testament are not to be understood literally but in the spiritual sense. He writes: Barnabas 10:1 But forasmuch as Moses said; Ye shall not eat seine nor eagle nor...
  9. C

    Questions no one can answer

    I believe in God but sometimes I ask myself these questions: 1. Why is there a God who created everything? Why is there no God and therefore nothing? 2. Why is God good and just and not bad and unjust? 3. Can God the Almighty "destroy" Himself? If not, is he almighty at all? Can God the...
  10. C

    Jewish atheist - seeking advice/shared experiences

    Hi folks. I am facing an religious/ethical quandry, and I am looking for others who have experiences to share that may prove useful. It's a bit of a tricky situation so let me explain. I was raised Jew-ish. American Reform, barely observant household growing up. Had a Bar Mitzvah and then...
  11. C

    Islam and Judaism are refuted.

    In 1947 the Isaiah scroll was found in the Dead Sea, one found out that it was written in the 2nd century B.C. and therefore it is the oldest preserved manuscript of a whole book of the Bible. It was also found that the found Isaiah scroll is completely identical with the book of Isaiah in the...
  12. T

    Would you say Kaddish in a situation like this?

    Hey! I would love to know your thoughts on this matter and have a healthy discussion. Would you do it or not? Or have you already done it before? Here is the situation:
  13. Lionel Refson

    The Golden Thread

    This is a new religion. The tenets of The Golden Thread are as follows 1/ We should be fruitful to self and others. We should encourage fruitfulness in self and others. Being fruitful to self means adopting the mental and physical condition of looking after oneself, guarding and evaluating...
  14. TheoDixon

    How have rabbis been important in the development of Judaism?

    Hey folks, I have an essay entitled 'In what ways did the Rabbis play a critical role in the development of Judaism?'. If anyone could point me in the right direction that'd be helpful, I'm aware of the Mishnah and Talmud however don't have much knowledge of how either of these changed from oral...
  15. Mark Siet

    Zohar Chadash Revealed

    Zohar Chadash Revealed: Synopsis for my latest Kabbalah Adventure, TinyURL.com/chadashrevealed The closest you may come to anything is its source. Here is the reason why and a continuing answer to the Eternal question. What is God? If you could take a poll of our greatest thinkers, they would...
  16. Dawnofhope

    Flogging the adulterer - Sura of Light

    If the verse of light (24:36) is mystical, there appears little mystical about verse 24:2 from the same chapter, the sura of light: The woman and the man guilty of adultery,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if...
  17. Miracle

    The complexity of God made simple

    If you haven't checked it out already, you definitely should. This 8-minute video explains the complexity of God in a somewhat simple way. Great for atheists, Jews and all other faiths that find the Godhead confusing. Let me know whether you agree or disagree. God bless you!
  18. Dawnofhope

    Does the Bible mention Islam?

    You would think that if a book such as the Bible has significant prophetic content it would mention Islam if it were a true religion from G-d. Even if it were a false religion, wouldn't it get a mention? Lets consider the facts that I hope we can all agree on. The Bible was written by multiple...
  19. W3bcrowf3r

    Are we following the correct Biblical calendar?

    There is a Biblical calendar. And a Rabbinical calendar. Which one are we following? And which one should we follow?
  20. Dawnofhope

    Which Messianic verses of Isaiah refer to Christ?

    Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah foretold in the Tanakh. The book of Isaiah is one of the most cited books. I’m wanting to better understand the reasons for and against the fulfilment of certain verses. Anyone with anything sensible and respectful to say is welcome to contribute...