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jehovah's witesses

  1. The Kilted Heathen

    JW's in Norway lose government funding

    The Norwegian government has removed funding from Jehovah's Witnesses due to the organizations exclusionary practices, of which have been deemed a violation of citizens rights and even child abuse. This decision loses the Jehovah's Witnesses' registration as a religious community. "We sent a...
  2. nPeace

    JWs & The Bible

    Do they follow it? For about a century, Jehovah's Witnesses were known as Bible students. It was not a name they gave themselves, but as they were keen students of the Bible, the name was stuck on them. Though they called themselves Christians. Over time, they accepted that they could be...
  3. Bro Rando

    The truth about Armageddon...

    Armageddon... Not What You Think! Look intently at the picture above. Can you gain understanding of what you see? The Bible describes the events that will occur before and after the identification of Gog of Magog. Most have not yet gained the understanding that Armageddon begins as a Spiritual...
  4. Bro Rando

    Can the Soul Die?

    Many religions teach that the soul never dies. However, the scriptures give a different teaching from what most religions teach. What do think of the following scriptures. Could they really be true? "The soul that sins, it shall die." (Ezekiel 18:20 KJV) "The soul who sins is the one who...
  5. Sammy420

    Christmas is here! I never used to celebrate...

    Is everyone excited for Christmas? Or are you not so into Christmas? Some people celebrate, Some people don't. I grew up not celebrating it until I was 16. Now I love the warmth of the family. I grew up a JW. No birthdays, no Christmas, no "hanging out" after school, no college dreams or after...
  6. savagewind

    Assuming guilt

    They say that a child can not rightly accuse a religious man. But I say that if a child blames an adult of a sin and he is not believed then the hearer of the complaint is wrongly accusing the child of lying. So they favor the testimony of an adult over that of a child.