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intelligent design

  1. danieldemol

    Science & the Quran’s philosophy, including the evolution vs. intelligent design discussion

    Saw this thread in the Islam DIR started yesterday and thought it would be more informative to have this discussion in a general area, so I have copy/pasted an extract and provided a link below; Science & the holy Qur’an’s philosophy, including the evolution vs. intelligent design discussion...
  2. Samael_Khan

    The Great Architect of the Universe

    Many, by observing nature, see it as extremely complex and orderly. And they use the analogy, that since we do not know of anything in the world that looks designed but isn't designed, then there must be a design behind creation. Also we know that in the real world " nothing comes from nothing"...
  3. Mohsen

    Muslim revisits the Intelligent Design argument!

    This was very interesting to me, because the guy in the video (a Muslim named Subboor) says that Muslims should not support the Intelligent Design argument and gives his reasons why. He's incredibly well read! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts (from both camps)!
  4. shunyadragon

    Intelligent Design vs the Methodological Naturalism standard for science

    This thread is devoted to the claims and science of 'Intelligent Design' and the standard Methodological Naturalism. The Discovery Institute is the major up front proponent for the science of Intelligent Design and Creationism. My argument will be that 'Intelligent Design' nor any version of...
  5. Twilight Hue

    How does Randomness and Chaos fit in with intelligent design?

    Given that we have a propensity to recognize patterns and see symmetry in nature, it leads to IMO, erroneous conclusions that such things are intentionally designed. Concepts and beliefs come about because we do see patterns and symmetry in a state of stability, therefore people come to the...
  6. S

    Evolution vs Intelligent design/creationism

    So as a believer in evolution I would like to hear the side of creationism or intelligent design. Why do you believe that they are true. I know that evolution hasnt been proven, but there is strong evidence to point in that direction. Let me know what you think.
  7. W

    Why are people happier when they serve and less satisfied when selfish?

    Are we designed that way?
  8. Dante Writer

    Do you believe in spontaneous organic life from non living elements?

    Do you believe in spontaneous organic life from non living elements? If you walk back the Evolutionary theories to their beginning at some point you have to deal with this question. Even if that first life in the form of bacteria came from some other planet hitched to an an asteroid or meteor...
  9. Dante Writer

    Intelligent Design is a Fact- Evolution is a Theory!

    Thought that might get your attention so before you rush to post your arguments read: We have been designing organism for a long time through cross breeding and inbreeding species like dogs, horses, cats and any domesticated animals. It is is intelligent design not natural selection and is...
  10. Kirby D. P.

    There Can be no "Intelligent Design"

    The classic example arguing for intelligent design in the universe is William Paley’s “watchmaker” analogy. If, while roaming along a beach full of sand, rocks and random, chaotic waves, any reasonable person finds and picks up a pocket watch, he or she would understand that it was very...
  11. P

    Required evidence for design?

    For those who do not believe that the Universe was a product of intelligent design, what qualities of the Universe would you expect to be different if it was intelligently-designed? What would have to be different about the Universe so that intelligent design would be considered the most likely...