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  1. Native

    Cosmic Intuitions Versus Mental Constructs

    Sub-OP: What is mathematics and theories really worth without the philosophical understanding of cause and effect in nature everywhere? Michael Faraday, the mathematical illiterate Video abstract: Faraday Biography: How much luck did a brilliant scientist like Faraday need to succeed in...
  2. Native

    Cosmological Mental Constructs

    OP: How to impress the scientific society . . . Video Abstract Dialect Channel: What is the ultimate nature of motion? Two influential physicists famously debated this question, invoking a bucket-and-water thought experiment to do so -- but they arrived at starkly different conclusions. Can...
  3. Native

    The Ongoing Development Of World Perception

    OP Subject: The Ongoing Development Of World Perception Science critic Mel Acheson explains from the historical point of view why it's time for the next conceptual revolution. Video abstract: “Knowledge tends to progress incrementally for long periods as popular theories are developed and...
  4. Native

    The CMB "Axis of Evil".

    Subject: Scientific Evidence That The Universe May Be Spinning. (Video title) The "Axis of Evil" is a name given to an anomaly in astronomical observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The anomaly appears to give the plane of the Solar System and hence the location of Earth a...
  5. Native

    What's wrong with physics?

    Sabine Hossenfelder asks this much needed OP question here: (Continues here: https://iai.tv/assets/videos/linked/HTLGI2020_What's wrong with physics.HD.mp4 If the physicists counts on the apple><apple theory only to govern the Universe, they´ll logically need both energy and alternate...
  6. Native

    The Devine Light in the Electromagnetic Universe

    Abstract: For my fellow debaters here, It should not come to any surprise, that I go all in for a modern interpretation of the Ancient Myths of Creation and take their prime *deities* of Light as in an Electric Universe. Of course I´m not alone in this perception as several Independent Thinkers...
  7. Native

    Natural motions scientific exalted.

    Subject: Satellite Drag “Drag is a force exerted on an object moving through a fluid, and it is oriented in the direction of relative fluid flow. Drag acts opposite to the direction of motion and tends to slow an object”. ------------------- Such drag effects on satellites around the revolving...
  8. Native

    On the Shoulders of Newton . . .

    IMO it is very interesting, explaining and revealing to read how former scientists have come to their conclusions and by what means. All knowledge is founded on the cultural heritage of former ideas in religion and on standing ideas of cosmos, and this of course also goes for Isaac Newton...
  9. J

    Is the moon getting nearer ?

    As the Earth gains more mass each year it gains gravitational strength , is the moon going to be pulled to Earth and inevitably enter the atmosphere becoming a catastrophic event and the end of human civilization ?
  10. questfortruth

    What if Einstein wrong? Without Quantum Gravity it is Tragedy?

    Is perfectly known, that the Einstein has disapproved the Black Hole (BH) solutions. It was horrible to have an divergence, the infinities (BH, Big Bang) in the equations? The Einstein has assumed Matter conservation during the derivation of General Relativity, but it is violated in the...
  11. questfortruth

    Gravitational waves in Newton theory are 4-th order, in Einstein's are 2-nd!!!

    NEWS 2017: Nobel Prize for proving of Gravitational Waves! Take the Newton's theory. Two masses of detector (m, m) are connected through an elastic material (which length is L), the source of gravity is in r meters away (and has mass M) and has the size X. Then the force, which is expressed on...
  12. SalixIncendium

    I Don't Believe in Gravity!

    Sounds like a silly statement, doesn't it? So why do we buy into gravity? Is it because we buy into Newton's mathematical equation? Is it because of evidence presented through scientific method? Or is it because we know the earth spins at 1000 miles per hour (at the equator) and we have an...