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  1. Exaltist Ethan

    The Pendulum

    As someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I know all too well the pendulum between depression and mania, and all the emotions that are between those two extremes. But this pendulum isn't about bipolar. I would like to discuss the risk vs reward pendulum that many of us face in our lives. When...
  2. questfortruth

    Atheists are not religiously educated

    DISCLAIMER: I did not say that all atheists had no religious education. So, do not ban me this time, please. Atheists claim that there is neither Absolute Good nor Evil. But it is absurd; if there is no perfect good, it is evil. And if there is no evil, it is ideal good. Christians, Mary...
  3. questfortruth

    Problem of Evil

    A skeptic usually says: "the possibility of God existing remains open." It is an understandable situation because we do not live in Paradise yet. This means, that there is satan. The satan was not created by God of Love, because only Holy Lucifer was created by Love, but lost the gift and Right...
  4. questfortruth

    Only a god can kill another god

    ABSTRACT: "God is Spirit" (says Bible) "The satan is evil spirit" (says Church) I simply put these two dogmas together. The result: satan is god. Any fallen angel is no longer angel, but the devil. Why? Because Absolute Good can not create Absolute Evil. Otherwise, only Absolute Evil exists...
  5. questfortruth

    Why god allows holy people to suffer?

    I suggest the answer: there are two gods. Because god is spirit, and there are two spirits: Absolute Good (Jesus) and Absolute Evil (satan). Hence, there are two absolutes. The atheists should know which absolute to follow: by rejecting absolute goodness, they accept absolute evil: no third god...
  6. questfortruth

    Absence of good in atheism

    Good Vs. Evil, Truth Vs. Lie, are religious terms. Thus, an atheist has become free from these old traditional ways of thinking. Atheist: "there are very Good atheists." So, now we all agree, that there is Absolute Evil and Absolute Good in this world? Atheist: "No, we don't." So, there is...
  7. questfortruth

    Getting better every decade?

    Me: "In how many years will people get better? Definition: getting closer to God than satan is to become better." Satanist: "Why did you decide that God is a positive character ??? Have you read the Bible ??? Genocide, murder - this is all from His business. If the Devil exists, then I am on...
  8. Onoma

    Deep frying with vodka

    Thought I'd drop this here If you're like me, you're disappointed when you order something like orange chicken and find it to be coated in a soggy coat of batter ( yech ) We want the crispy chicken that stays crispy in the sauce, even after being reheated. After eventually working out a great...
  9. SalixIncendium

    Are You Right?

    Consider religion, politics, philosophy, morals, ethics, or whatever. How do you know you are right and another is wrong? Is there truly a right or a wrong? Or are right and wrong merely human constructs to assert perspective? Thoughts?
  10. questfortruth

    Goodness has been tested for the first time and is debunked?!

    Do good actions inspire good actions in others?
  11. nPeace

    What has been your experience?

    Share your experience. What has been your experience with the Bible? Has the Bible helped people, or hindered them - changed people for the better, or for the worst? My experience with the Bible, is that it has helped people in a major amount of ways, and changed people's lives for the better...
  12. E

    Trap: Promise of Reward

    To start off, I'm not an actual believer, I'm agnostic or on the fence of Atheism vs Believer. One thing I noticed about many believers is that many of them say "Do good & you shall be rewarded" and it made me question that statement/(popular)opinion, "Are their deeds genuine? Or are just doing...
  13. Idont Reallywolf

    Heaven & Hell - Good & bad

    When you ask religious people "what is heaven or hell?", usually they give responses such as: "If you do good in your life, you would go to heaven. If you do bad, you go would to hell.". But never do they mention what is good or what is bad, how they are defined or how they are differentiated...
  14. BilliardsBall

    Do Parents Have To Teach Their Children To Be Bad?

    Well, do they?
  15. Lorgar-Aurelian

    The whole God and Evil thing with God.

    Whenever I've tried to think about God as all loving or just a God guy/gal I find it rather difficult. The biggest problem with someone being omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent is that it makes it impossible for said being to escape blame for literally everything. Any wrong doing was...
  16. Thehoodedmonk

    Why Did God Create Man?

    God created man for two reasons: (1) So that man would become the living temple of God. (2) To prove evil does not work. I could also ask: why did God create Satan? Let's start with that. Apparently not everything was copacetic in heaven: there were wars going on, Satan was accusing others...
  17. bobdole0420

    How do we know god is good, and satan is evil?

    Im new and i follow no religion, but i do like a good debate without prejudice. Because I'll state it now. No one truly knows if any of it is real or not. So to me there are no wrong or right or for that matter no DEFINITIVE answers at all on the religious discussings, pertaining to being real...