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end times

  1. John D. Brey

    What is the Rapture?

    For the sake of non-bible-thumper types, the "Rapture" is an event that takes place at the end of the current epoch of human civilization that's the bookend (the Rapture is) to Noah's flood at the other end (the distant past) of the current historical time-frame. In the biblical books of Daniel...
  2. Exaltist Ethan

    Defining Divinity

    This may be the most important thread I make. As a syntheist I see divinity as a natural phenomenon, not supernatural at all. In fact, I reject claims of the supernatural. What created the Universe? Something in the local multiverse, but ultimately the local multiverse. The metaverse created the...
  3. S

    Exposing the "Mark Of The Beast Cashless System" You Cant Buy/Sell Without it.

    As you've probably all ready heard the government (AKA) Satan is in close preparation now for a one world government system and the "mark of the beast" you wont be able to buy or sell without it. plus marshal law is starting to be implemented to all around the world too!!
  4. YeshuaRedeemed

    Are we living in the end times?

    70 nation have been invited to the dedication of an alter that will be used for the Third Temple according to the preceeding video. I'm scared, as I hhold to the prewrath view of the rapture, referenced here:
  5. vishnulakshmi

    who is dhumavati ???

    who is dhumavati ???
  6. D

    Armageddon, Second Coming of Jesus.

    Waiting for Armageddon is the traditional belief of Jesus followers. The Second Coming, is when Jesus returns, at End Times, and is viewed as a good thing, not a bad thing. Some churches messed up their reading of Scripture, and assumed Scripture meant that Jesus accomplished all the Messianic...
  7. Rajinder Nijjhar

    End of the world

    Prediction based on Chosen People, a Nation of Priests, Moral Teachers – Matt. 13v52:- Matt. 13v24-30:- Tares getting Bundled up in Israel. Established 14/05/1948 + 70 years of full protection to 14/05/2018. Then, there shall be 5 years of Hard Tribulations world had never seen before to...
  8. selfie319

    I'm left to blame for the End of Times on Earth

    God came to me directly and anointed me Messiah. It's a gruesome process and some don't make it through. The outcome directs Earth's path towards peace or war. I have tried my hardest and made it a majority of the way through but I am now struggling and don't know if I can pull through. At the...
  9. selfie319

    Extremely recent increase in terrorism precedes End-Times and is solely my fault

    God came to me through direct revelation.. God exists and is pure energy (fire). The material world is energy in an unrefined state and a manifestation of an infinite spirit, like a pyramid with God at the top. The enlightened mind is an entire planet (the gem in the lotus flower) and the...
  10. SaintMalachi

    Is the Apocalypse a bad thing?

    I read something interesting last night concerning the Beast and is it possible that The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are actually good? I mean it's God who has them unleashed if I'm not mistaken that is. I've often thought about this but it wasn't until I read about the The Beast (there are...
  11. Grumpuss

    Confused over Eschatology?

    I was watching a program a couple nights ago concerning Biblical prophecy, and about halfway through, the narrator starts suggesting all kinds of possibilities for the End Timed that are not referenced or even implied by the Bible in any way. My suspicion is that this is Hollywood's influence...