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  1. questfortruth

    Atheists are not religiously educated

    DISCLAIMER: I did not say that all atheists had no religious education. So, do not ban me this time, please. Atheists claim that there is neither Absolute Good nor Evil. But it is absurd; if there is no perfect good, it is evil. And if there is no evil, it is ideal good. Christians, Mary...
  2. TransmutingSoul

    A Happy Christ Mass to all

    May the reason for the Season be embraced by all who have come to Love the Spirit, which was Jesus the Christ. It is at this time many Christians remember the birth of Jesus, who became known as the Christ, the Son of God, the Son of Man "For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost"...
  3. firedragon

    A conversation with a Muslim on Christmas

    A: So what if I wish a Christian Merry Christmas? B: Then you are condoning Christmas. A: No. I am just wishing him for his celebration, not mine. B: But by wishing him you are agreeing that Jesus was born on 25th December. A: No. Even many modern day Christians dont believe that he was born on...
  4. TransmutingSoul

    May all have a Christ filled Christmas

    I wish all Christians all the best in life and on this day of celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ, all the best Faith can give. May God bless you always. My gift I offer is from the Baha'i Writings. It shows we can all be one in Christ. "Know thou that when the Son of Man yielded up His...
  5. SalixIncendium

    So This Is Christmas

    I would venture a guess that there are those who don't identify with Christianity that celebrate Christmas...that there are those that even call it Christmas. Are you a non-Christian that celebrates Christmas? If so, define your worldview and tell us why you celebrate it.
  6. SalixIncendium

    The Origins of Christian Holidays and their Traditions

    Do Christian holidays have their roots in ancient Pagan festivals or did they just become secular over time? Christmas: Why is there a Yule log? Why do we hang stockings over the fireplace? Why do we cut down a tree and drag it into our living rooms, decorate it with lights and ornaments? Why...
  7. Hella Jingles

    Is Christmas Christian or "Satanic"?

    I am sure that a majority of us recognize the pagan origins of Christmas. But very few if anybody understands the possibly "Satanic" nature of the holiday today. I am here to present the argument that Christmas is Satanic by the Christian definition of Satanic. The Holiday was originally spent...
  8. Sammy420

    Christmas is here! I never used to celebrate...

    Is everyone excited for Christmas? Or are you not so into Christmas? Some people celebrate, Some people don't. I grew up not celebrating it until I was 16. Now I love the warmth of the family. I grew up a JW. No birthdays, no Christmas, no "hanging out" after school, no college dreams or after...