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  1. Ehav4Ever

    Why Torah based Jews would be unconvinced

    "If that is what you consider to be true then why does it matter to you what we Jews say?" That is the question I often want to ask when threads are started as if they are asking questions to Jews when instead what is being posted is a statement or manifesto. That is not to say that some people...
  2. Kirah

    Any reason for this?

    Edited Posted March 13 2020 One night my menstrual didn't come any spiritual reason for this? Also any books? Please give resources Can you tell me about virgin mary, (feminine) how to pray etc I live with someone and it's kinda humdrum being there So I eat sweets Sweets allow menstrual to...
  3. Ehav4Ever

    The God, Evolution, Darwin, Science debate - a different starting point

    I think that the problem stems from both sides of this type of debate not sitting down and starting with defining terms. As an outsider to the issue, let me play the referee's advocate. Ehav4Ever says: "Okay you two, play nice. Let's settle this dispute the right way. Before we begin I will...
  4. Ehav4Ever

    In Your Path/Walk in Life Do you.......

    Question for anyone who wants to answer. In your path, religion, lack of religion, walk, etc. do you: Spend time fact checking the reasons why you believe in some things and why you reject other things? Use a systematic approach to determine if what you beleif or hold by is realistic? Perform...
  5. DawudTalut

    16 Examples of Acceptance of Prayer, Worldwide - Philosophy and Requirements of Acceptance of Prayer

    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you... Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said about philosophy of acceptance of prayer, at an occasion: “ A child, when being restless with hunger, cries out and screams for milk, then milk comes in the breast of mother with excitement. Baby does not even...