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  1. danieldemol

    Are babies, "enemies of God" in your faith tradition?

    In the above video Stephen Lett (Governing Body member of the Jehovah's Witnesses) claims babies are, "enemies of God". He immediately clarifies that he loves babies, but it is worth a good laugh seeing the theological clumsiness of one of 8 leaders of approx. 8.7 million people. Which brings...
  2. Ehav4Ever

    The Real Circumcision Questions - At Least in My View

    Since the question about whether circumcision, of babies, has been asked several times in several different threads I have a different set of questions in this regard that I think hasn't really been addressed. For those who say that it should be outlawed, regardless of your reasons, how far are...
  3. Kenny

    It's A BABY after all...

    23 weeks, smallest baby yet weighing in at 8.6 oz. It was supposed to be a fetus of just a mass of brainless cells, but OOPS! IT'S A BABY AFTER ALL! San Diego hospital announces birth of world’s tiniest surviving baby Congratulation to the mom and dad! :hugehug: \