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  1. nPeace

    The Four Horsemen

    Who hasn't heard of the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Of course the book of Revelation is written in signs, or symbolic language, so even though we don't actually see these horsemen riding literally, can we not agree that they are indeed riding? Can we see evidence of the white horse...
  2. KingTruth

    Can you depend on Christianity?

    As we all know, Christianity is one of the most popular and dependable religions (if not the most) known to mankind. In Christianity, one is exposed to several doctrines such as forgiveness of sin, repentance and even salvation. There is a popular saying that declares that every single human...
  3. KingTruth

    Simplicity in life and religion

    Good morning, it’s a new day. Whether sunshine, rainfall or clearness, you must begin to advance with time. The first step in every dimension must start with a solid foundation. If you’ve been working for several years and are desperate for a Brand New Level, what can you do? With everything...
  4. KingTruth

    How can anyone doubt God?

    You know what good is, if humans were really good, do you think they’d ever die? All humans are truly evil beings because all humans die someday. You know that the wages of sin is death. Humans are all obviously sin. The fact is out. If there’s no God, do you really believe that humans and their...
  5. KingTruth

    Death is proof that God exists

    Why is it that all humans die someday? Even the Christians say “Jesus” died, but not: “God” died. In the Bible, Mark 10:18 says only God is truly good. I can believe this because all humans die and God does not. Humans are beings. God is a being. One dies, the other doesn’t. If you’re honest...
  6. selfie319

    Extremely recent increase in terrorism precedes End-Times and is solely my fault

    God came to me through direct revelation.. God exists and is pure energy (fire). The material world is energy in an unrefined state and a manifestation of an infinite spirit, like a pyramid with God at the top. The enlightened mind is an entire planet (the gem in the lotus flower) and the...
  7. SaintMalachi

    Is the Apocalypse a bad thing?

    I read something interesting last night concerning the Beast and is it possible that The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are actually good? I mean it's God who has them unleashed if I'm not mistaken that is. I've often thought about this but it wasn't until I read about the The Beast (there are...