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  1. Agnostisch

    Genesis 18:10

    What does כעת חיה mean? Next time? Next year? An appropriate time? What is the structure: a noun and an adjective or two nouns? What is the physical positioning of Sarah, Abraham, the tent opening, and the tent in this description? Is Sarah on the outside secretly listening in on a conversation...
  2. Michael Peterson

    How to rationalize these two Bible narratives?

    It's been a goal of mine to write a translation and commentary of Genesis in one year. I'm now in the tenth month of this project and am not even half-way through. Here's my latest stumbling block: How are these two narratives - The story of Sodom and Gomorrah and the story of Abraham's attempt...
  3. W

    What is the purpose of Genesis

    For the world? for the generation entering the promised land? for the church?
  4. Michael Peterson

    By Faith Alone?

    Greetings, This is my first post and I wanted to make it interesting. So here goes: In my essay, As It Is Written: Whose Righteousness: God's or Abram's?, I argue that the Christian understanding of Genesis 15:6 is not consistent with the actual Hebrew. A correct interpretation of this verse...