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Search results

  1. Selinagirl

    New religion: Mankinds Purpose

    Allthough Vetenaya gave me much freedom in designing this religions rites, commandments and morality, i now decided to give away leadership to Lilith, so i'm no longer the legislative power but only the executive. While this is not very different to other religions, you might be surprised that...
  2. Selinagirl

    Changing religious scriptures for mission

    That is interesting, thanks.
  3. Selinagirl

    Which religion's God is the most superior than all the other religion's God?

    Of course my goddess Lilith is the most superior because women are allways better than men!
  4. Selinagirl

    How can there be more than One God?

    Now, the old Greek and Romans maybe asked the Jews how can there only be one god. I find it more hard to understand, how different beeings in Hinduism can be the same. Hell, i'm catholic and cant even understand how JC can be god. Polytheism seems to be more natural to mee, because the first...
  5. Selinagirl

    Ukip banned from gay "pride" march...

    One gay member doesnt change a homophobic party.
  6. Selinagirl

    Will playing violent games make a person violent? Opinions needed

    Im playing civ but you will never see me nuke another country, even if i became canchellorette. Besides, my bro tells me, that violent games are the reason why he didnt kill anybody yet.
  7. Selinagirl

    a Raelian E.T. Bible site

    Hello robocop, First: Your website is not very practical. Second: The members of the Abrahamic religions don't know what they do, so i can't judge them. But you Raelians want to hand out Earth to the Elohim, TOTALLY AWARE that they are alien invaders. Now, that doesn't makes us enemies jet, they...
  8. Selinagirl

    What's up with Thailand and Hitler?

    I wonder how this could happen in China. In the other countries ok, but China was conquered by Japan and Japan was a member of the Axis.
  9. Selinagirl

    What do u think of Facebook?

    Never had an FB account, never will have. By the way, i wonder what worth FB stock has today. FB has no other income than advertisment and maybe secret services who use it to spy the followers. :)
  10. Selinagirl

    Religious lifestyle laws

    Unfortunately there are - of course! - no Amish in this forum. It would be quite interesting, what they answer on this question, LOL.
  11. Selinagirl

    New religion: Mankinds Purpose

    In fact, this new informatins don't change the fact, that humankinds purpose is to protect the Earth and spread life on other planets. I heva to rethink the temple prostitution, but i think i will keep the idea, as long as the men who use it respect the women priests performing it as their...
  12. Selinagirl

    New religion: Mankinds Purpose

    Allthough i'm still not able to make astral contacts to other planets while i'm awake, i today managed to feel and listen to Earths aura. It happened in the free bath, while i was diving, thinking about what Vetenaya, my reptile alien mentor, told me about Jahwes nature, ans if he is really the...
  13. Selinagirl

    Santorum Wants To Silence Pope Francis

    So you mean the Church of Science could excommunicate people, so they no longer benefit from science :)? It would be great to see Santorum hunting with only a spear mede of wood and useing a tent. Oh, no, wait a second, spears and tents are also a product of science. :D Why didnt say anybody...
  14. Selinagirl

    Religious lifestyle laws

    If you are a member of an abrahamic religion, is it against gods will, on your opinion, for a woman to gat an epidural while giving birth, or to use indusrial farming machines? For the reason that the bible says women have to give birth in pain and for men to work in sweat? Is it against the...
  15. Selinagirl


    I still dont understand what chevron1 is about.
  16. Selinagirl

    Santorum Wants To Silence Pope Francis

    The denial of man-made climate change is only to support the industry and protect it from the duty to use climate-frinedly technology. It is ridicoulus, the companies make billions every year but it is tooexpansive to i stall a simple filter in the chimney. I think this encyclica is the best...
  17. Selinagirl

    Is Jesus Christ a God or Do You Beleive in Jesus the Human ?

    I didn't know the NT says something about Jesus' skills as carpenter, but i think if he made high quality furniture he didn't have to become a preacher.
  18. Selinagirl

    Did Jesus have Scribes, ie are the Gospels actual witness accounts?

    Wasn't there something in the apocryphes?
  19. Selinagirl


    And afain you put in this urban myth. It is the same crap like the one with the HIV injection on public places which was also never confirmed. Religious people woldn't use chemicals to chamge someones orientation, because they DONT BELIEVE THAT SEXUAL ATTRACTION IS CHEMICAL INDUCET! I mean, i...
  20. Selinagirl


    SO you are for slavery, as long it is not oppressive?