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  1. unphaithless

    This place rocks!

    I do not believe or have faith in creed, ie) organized religion. And aside from that what I meant about 'fighting', is surrenduring to what I believe to be true for me. I n regards to your comment about - simply walk away..... To what?
  2. unphaithless

    This place rocks!

    I can't fight that there is something bigger than me..... I am curious to know
  3. unphaithless

    One true religion?

    A french philosopher and spiritual master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov stated " ...Religion in the broad sense is the authentic mystical sensation which convinces those who experience it, that the inner life is the only true life". Therefore with this quote in mind everyone who has had a spiritual...
  4. unphaithless

    This place rocks!

    Can anyone tell me what ' to PM me' means and how do I do this?
  5. unphaithless

    This place rocks!

    Sadly, my abilaty to be human has lead my to 'rebelian' against my 'faddist'beliefs... I don't believe any more in one true church. So swinging I think is healthy. Hopefully one gets a broader picture of God and ourselves.... I can hope for that...
  6. unphaithless

    This place rocks!

    Wow what a great place to come and chat. I am interested in a variety of religions, and am trying to learn about their diversities. I hope to bring some experience to the table. I am an ex-mormon and ex-main stream christian. I am very interested in the Kabbalah and being open minded!!! (...
  7. unphaithless

    Creed Free

    How is it that any belief can be creed free?( It seems like an oxymoron) Is that not what a belief is, Creed, in some form? Hoping for enlightenment...