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    Lieutenant Friedrich Lengfeld: He was a German soldier who bravely died while trying to save a wounded American soldier
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    Who is the true church?

    The true Church is the one that tolerates other churches, without insecurity. The true Church realized that you will find it, because it is the "True Church", therefore it doesn't revert to having its followers kill, intimidate, or judge people from the other churches.
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    Evolution vs. Creation: Are we overpopulating?

    Man, I thought I was lazy :p
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    Evolution vs. Creation: Are we overpopulating?

    I really don't see where you come into this.....wasn't this between Ryan and myself?
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    Evolution vs. Creation: Are we overpopulating?

    I take it from your comment, you didn't read it either
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    Evolution vs. Creation: Are we overpopulating?

    You seem to think you know everything, yet you don't ever start by forming your own opinion, you just criticize others' views. As for the Oh we are overpopulating bandwagon", I don't jump on any bandwagon. My views are mine, and not just some adaptation of someone else's opinion. I resent that...
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    I have to say that I have learned something, I am rarely speechless to the point that I have nothing better to say such as this moment. Frubals your way.
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    Reference Sites

    The timeline for terrorist acts is fascinating: http://www.crimsonbird.com/terrorism/timeline.htm
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    I have guestion about the Sabboth

    The seventh day of the week, Saturday, observed as the day of rest and worship by the Jews and some Christian sects. The first day of the week, Sunday, observed as the day of rest and worship by most Christians.
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    Schwarzenegger Vows Gay Marriage Bill Veto

    [/color][/color] [color=#000000]Who are you to say what is a right and not? Until you engage in a homosexual relationship, I really don't think you have much to say about what they do. What does homosexuality have to do with cheating on your wife? Is not allowing them to get married not...
  11. H

    Reference Sites

    I found a few cool websites I would like to share with everyone.......they promise to give you hours of use: A collection of interesting timelines: http://www2.canisius.edu/~emeryg/time.html A lot of statistical information on different nations: http://www.nationmaster.com/index.php An...
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    Schwarzenegger Vows Gay Marriage Bill Veto

    I am completely surprised at people's desire to affect other peoples' lives, when it has nothing to do with them.
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    Was Jesus' Sacrifice Significant?

    Even if you do not believe in Jesus, I feel that his example is a great one to follow. Self-sacrifice is a beautiful thing, if not the most beautiful thing.
  14. H


    It doesn't matter who says what about what. If "God" believes it is ok to end innocent lives, worry more about having an orgasm and self-gratification than avoiding the destruction of innocence, than I do not believe in him or her. The supreme being that I believe in is more worried about ending...
  15. H


    I think you made a mistake......you say "The word of God makes it clear to us that abortion is not a sin", but you show that it is. You say "It is distressing to see this chapter used by anti-abortionists as proof that life begins at conception"...and you show a case against abortionists. I...
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    Thanks for your contribution.
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    What do you think is the greatest man made invention?

    Penicillin......I have never heard of it doing anything bad.
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    Alcohol and Religion

    I don't have a religion and I don't drink, smoke or eat meat. I feel that it is wrong to damage my body. I also know from experience that drinking alcohol can make you go down a not-so-righteous path (trust me, I went down that path many times).
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    Can 500+ Eyewitnesses Be Wrong?

    History is always written by the powerful, there could be millions of them. This does not make it correct.
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    Anti-rape condom aims to stop sexual assaults

    Man, it is about time. It seems that rape has always been looked at as a fact of life.