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  1. mersault

    The Faith of a UU Buddhist

    He was my minister too! He really set high expectations for the next minister at our church. Fortunately, I think she is living up to them.
  2. mersault

    AOL not promoting freedom of expression?

    It is sad to think that the internet, once such a wild frontier with few laws or restrictions, is now being regulated at such a close level. But, I suppose that is to be expected when huge corporations (AOL Time Warner) are put in charge of millions of people's e-mail correspondance...
  3. mersault

    Freedom of Religion

    How about the Constitutional definition? You've got the Establishment clause and the Free Exercise clause. Establishment clause: government cannot promote one religion. It cannot define a state religion or financially support any single religion. Free Exercise clause: government cannot...
  4. mersault

    Should religion be taught in science class?

    SOGFPP- Okay, I am glad your kids get some exposure to other ways of life, and I can understand your protectiveness. I believe there are several threads in this forum that mention memes, and your actions can be explained by meme theory. I do respect that you are going to extremes to raise...
  5. mersault

    Should religion be taught in science class?

    Having just finished high school, I have a rather intimate relationship with this issue. I can remember my biology teacher briefly mentioning "alternate creation theories" during class. It was obvious that this is not what he had in mind when he signed up to teach biology. Many states now...
  6. mersault

    country music

    What is your definition of hatred? I listen to music of the punk rock genre that has a lot of anger, but not hatred. I also listen to ska, which is mostly amoral. For instance, The Aquabats sing about pool parties, pizza, and aliens, which is not hateful in any way. Reel Big Fish sang about...
  7. mersault

    What is you favorite movie of all time?

    The Emperor's New Groove. Best Disney movie ever and my favorite comedy. I can watch it repeatedly and still be laughing. "Kronk! Knock down the door!" "Are you kidding? This is hand carved mahogany!" :lol:
  8. mersault


    You are right that the ants that are taken become workers, but I do not know if the slave-maker ants arrest their development in the way you describe. And I almost agree that "slave" is a misnomer since the ants do not realize they are slaves and couldn't care less about it. Not too bright...
  9. mersault


    I do not in any way mean to condone slavery among humans, but there is at least one other organism that practices slavery. There are approximately 20 species of ants that raid the nests of other ants, steal their pupae and larvae, and raise those ants as slaves working for the aggressive...
  10. mersault

    Libertarian Party

    Libertarianism is okay as an ideal, but the simple truth is that there are some things we need government for. One thing I greatly disagree with the libertarians on is the need for public education. My public education has provided me with countless opportunities and an excellent general...
  11. mersault


    Unfortunately, slavery today is more rampant than it has ever been. There are around 27 million slaves in the world today. Although it is usually under a different name, such as debt slavery or bonded labor, it amounts to the same thing. It is amazing that slavery could be so prevalent in...
  12. mersault

    Do you play computer games?

    Spinkles- For BF: Vietnam, try downloading the Insurrection 1776 mod. It is truly hilarious. To sum it up: Revolutionary American setting. All of the guns are one shot. All of the guns are incredibly inaccurate. It takes 3 seconds to reload a gun. Hilarity ensues. On a related note, do...
  13. mersault

    How did you find out about ReligousForums.com ?

    Runt introduced me. I was skeptical at first, but this one's a keeper
  14. mersault

    Do you play computer games?

    Best game ever by far is No One Lives Forever. Not only is it a first-person spy/action game to rival Goldeneye, it is absolutely hilarious. I promise you will replay it just to hear the monkey conversation again. Otherwise I play MDK 2 (also hilarious), Star Wars: KOTOR, Battlefield: 1942...
  15. mersault

    Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hello and G'day

    "I'm gonna get you Hey Steve, if its the last thing I dooooo!!!!!" :oops: Really hope you got that reference. I'm new to the forums too, so if our spiritual paths should cross and perhaps our philosophical swords clash (and I'm not saying I hope they won't), please remember this friendly...
  16. mersault

    Wowie this site is neeto!

    Oddly enough, my parents happen to be in New Zealand at this very moment. Galivanting halfway around the world while I sit at home watching the dog... :cry: In all seriousness though, I visited New Zealand for a month last summer. You are truly lucky, or blessed as the case may be, to live...
  17. mersault

    Wowie this site is neeto!

    Ceridwen- I am certainly learning a lot here and I am also finding that posts often lead me to do research elsewhere on my own, so the effect is multiplied. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, This is great stuff!
  18. mersault

    Recommend a good book!

    The Stranger by Albert Camus An interesting tale of amorality.
  19. mersault

    Wowie this site is neeto!

    To all, Lets get the basic information out of the way. I live in Arizona, United States of America, I am 18 years old, and I love Philly Cheesesteak (Cheese Steak? CheeseSteak?) sandwiches. I regularly attend a Unitarian Universalist congregation and I consider myself a skeptic. That is...