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    A Call for Unity in America

    I know that he went against islamic tradition, yet it is still build on it's basis; hence the in the name of God vice before every writing; Baha'ullah couldn't Dismiss that fact of Islamic Tradition; AS for the Evidence, i don't think it is worth showing any; because What is it to me to Change...
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    A Call for Unity in America

    Perchance your mistaken about character and merit's; Trump had no need to come into the political arena but to Shake Down the American Corruption of DC swamp. Your assumptions about characters and Merit r based on mainstream news that take the Biden's as G-d fearing People. Yet On the contrary...
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    A Call for Unity in America

    .. How much of a Globalist are you? Does the Constitution mean nothing to you, that which gives you right to practice any religion or non at all; Notice this is only within the states. How much more will the whole world corrupt that which is most dearest to the america? I Wonder Why People Who...
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    Religion and politics

    Modern Times have Released a New Democratic Party; Which is the Binding of system of government which the Political Party rule in the name of God or a god. Because we have Freedom of Religion in the States; it is of no Avail to have Religion and State separated; Neither Bound together seen the...
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    Life is stupid - The VICE of being fully mature

    The Terms that Life is build up off, is immanence. It is on one side full of Foolishness and mishaps; and on the other hand full of beauty, grace. We can live in a realm pleasant, or on the other hand in phases that are close to hell - If we conclude the matter, And this on the premise from...