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  1. Ruhi19

    Convince me that God is loving

    Abdu'l-Baha does not say that God created the suffering; he says that the world IS a place of suffering. In my opinion, the world is a place of suffering because people don't listen to and adhere to the instructions of God through His Manifestations. I am so sorry for your loss, nor would...
  2. Ruhi19

    Convince me that God is loving

    I am feeling my way to a response because I disagree. I do not think that God created a world that is a storehouse of suffering. I think Scripture indicates the opposite. However, God also gave humanity the power to choose which is where suffering comes into play. That is, I wouldn't think...
  3. Ruhi19

    Convince me that God is loving

    Baha'is, and all humans, are still learning how to love others; to see God's spirit and characteristics within others. I would never judge a Prophet/Manifestation of God by those who follow Him because all followers are imperfect. As to demonstration that God loves us: from a Baha'i...