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  1. Jonesie32

    Slightly Confused...

    Sorry I haven't been around, school has been hectic. I go to a church called East Hill Four-Square Church, sometimes referred to as East Hill Christian Church in Gresham, OR. That didn't really help me much, considering the majority of churches have their denomination in the name.
  2. Jonesie32

    Slightly Confused...

    Okey Dokey, I have no idea what denomination I am, is it possible to just be considered Protestant? I asked a pastor of mine at church what form of Christianity we are and after avoiding the question for months, he just said Protestant. I already knew that! :rolleyes: I don't know, I guess I...
  3. Jonesie32

    Do you love God?

    I love God, he has done so much for my family. He has helped me through my struggles with depression, he has helped my mother with hers and has helped her beat breast cancer once and I have faith in him to help her through it again (her surgery is Wednesday). My sister was able to give birth to...
  4. Jonesie32

    Do You Believe in the Saints?

    Hello! I've met a lot of fellow Protestants in my life and have talked to quite a few online and I'm curious... How many Protestants here believe in the saints? What has your mind and heart set that way (if you don't mind me asking of course)? I personally do not. My reasoning has to be one of...
  5. Jonesie32

    Another Newbie!

    Hello Everyone! My name's Olivia and I'm new! Hahaha! Well let's see, I'm from Portland, Oregon and I'm Protestant. That's it, no denomination under that category, just plain Protestant. My Dad's family is Catholic... that stirred some things up a little bit! My Mom's family is Protestant...