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    Sigil magick

    I am a music producer, and the only value I find in making sigils for music, is in encoding words in vocal parts to mean/sound like two differant things, to build dimensiality and listenability in layers. You should study the chakra system to properly make music, as becoming a master of the...
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    thats right, pure knowledge...what a hardcore thing Well my aunt's 70's channelling club was named after the egyptian goddess set, not the male satan. i visited her once and they were taking care of an old man who was like 90 years old, born russian orthodox, but was into this channelling thing...
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    Invocation of the Western Star: a poem

    well this is amusing. I only drew a parallel to the sumarians because they really were the human race's first civilization and they were destroyed by opium smoking neandrathals, like it was a joke/opiate illusion. nOt a good omen, and look the white people got all messed up and destroyed a...
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    Science explaining God

    God is life and the solar system and rest of the milky way galaxy could have been a single liveing thing and the wake of its death can be found in every other star in the galaxy and the giant black hole we can see from hubble. it died so that we could live. it was a male cyclodon and the...
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    Universal Church of the Living Earth

    The Universal Church of the Living Earth is an esoteric order and Christian related geomantical church that is to be incorporated here first publicly and in an approximatly 100 page philosophy book to be published in the next couple years. The basis of this philosophy is that the Earth at one...
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    Invocation of the Western Star: a poem

    I agree with you the poem is depressing. It was probably written to make people feel guilty. White settlement really did destroy much of Native civilization in many ways though. Reservations are very limiting geographicly and people can no longer go to many places that were part of everyday...
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    why your religion?

    I guess I would be a Unitarian, but saying it is Sikh based unitarianism (which combined Hinduism and Islam in the time of the Protestant reformation with its own supplementary text) is at the same time protesting the Protestants who broke away into their own churches, even though I went to a...
  8. R

    Invocation of the Western Star: a poem

    Here is a poem that I thought (along with the rest of the book) spoke in great ways of Native Americans. INVOCATION Not for the great, not for the marvelous, Not for the barren husbands of the gold Not for the arrowmakers of the soul, Wasted with truth, the star regarding wise; Not...
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    Aleister Crowley

    Crowley is just as important as all other Yogi publication society masonic authors, and philosophy authors of this kind, and very important in his own right
  10. R

    Aleister Crowley

    AHA! is a good epic poem to start with after the Book of the Law, even if you didn't understand it. It is An exposition in poetic language of several of the ways of attainment and the results obtained. In the form of a Discourse between and Adept and His Pupil...
  11. R

    The Image of God

    the image of God, or even the unpronouncable name )GD( that the Jews use against blasphemy, is as a standard, not real. Words are not beholdable images of the ALL, just as the Danish cartoon still suggests, albiet contrversial politics about how people probably really feel about the state of...
  12. R

    The Missing Link

    the differance between where animals are and where humans are is the road less travelled. hUmans are where they are now from spiraling up perfectly and alien intervention can never be ruled out. There was a legend that the neandrathals fell to opium 30,000 years ago. were we made to grow in...
  13. R


    the Calyr elf church is a good place to start http://www.calyr.org/ and so are the writings of William Burroughs, (who looked pretty elven himself) someone who Norman Mailer once called the best writer in the English language. He considered himself too old to be a beatnik.The Job is an...
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    An Essay on the Aibaran Peoples (Fiction)

    So I would in turn study sufiism, which is mystical Islam, and the Thirty odd tariquahs that form the differant philosophical paths not opposed to each other. The Magi are behind Sufiism, it being Mystical Islam. The devil comes at you in seven ways, and there are in turn over thirty ways to...
  15. R

    An Essay on the Aibaran Peoples (Fiction)

    sounds like the Magi.
  16. R

    Crowley wasn't a satanist.

    the most often thinking of that he was in any way a bad person or whatever is in the Book of the Law, his most famous work where he says "I flap my wings n the face of Muhammed and blind him, I peck at the eyes of Jesus as he hangs on the cross". you must understand that this isn't Crowley...
  17. R

    My essay on the Pope's comments

    “The Quran brought nothing new except things evil and inhuman” The Pope was speaking out of pure exasperation at tthe state of things in the world today, with war of all kinds haunting every corner of the globe, coming from a place of pure misunderastanding. Saying that a bad thing did...
  18. R

    My essay on the Pope's comments

    Do you not see that Allah is He, Whom obeys whoever is in the Heavens and whoever is in the earth, and the sun and the moon and the stars, and the mountaains and the trees, and the animals and many of the people; and there are many against whom chastisement has become necessary; and...
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    Sept 11th predicted by great pyramid

    This was just about a sequence of laid stones and the space between them I think.
  20. R

    Sept 11th predicted by great pyramid

    Basically all that we are talking about here is an actual book from the actual seventies, that actually says that about the pyramid...that it predicts sept11th 2001 as a date aligned with the birth of Christ, and other major events. It must have been what John was waiting for. absolutly f-ing...