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    The Longest Thread Ever!

    the line 1 = sqr(-1) * sqr(-1) cannot be true because (1 / i )!= i (-1/ i ) = i that's where this logic falls apart. 1 = sqr( 1^2) = sqr( (-1)^2) ... but the sqr((-1)^2)=1 only because sqr( any real #)>=0 (non-scalar) i must be both positive and negative (or scalar) because the product of any...
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    Why "He"?

    Okay, first of all I'd like to clearly detangle the concept of male dominance/superiority. Males may be dominant within society but they will never be superior. They may just break even, but even that'd be lucky.:sorry1: Hmm... is it wrong to think of "He" as an english honorific of "it"...
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    "My Son is Gay"

    You also have to remember that twins, even though they share the same dna, always grow differently- even in the womb. How else would two people with the same DNA have different fingerprints?
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    where are you guys from?

    OHIO - both as in the State and the Japanese greeting!
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    Is race a choice?

    Okay, people. Race is based on more than just skin color- it is a culmination of genetic traits that tend to be shared by the people who gathered and lived in all the different areas of the world. If I remember correctly, it has been proven that we all descended from the same race- originally in...
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    Why Did We Evolve the Notion of God?

    Ooh, I like that idea.... explains spontaneous mutations in new DNA(that of embryos) perhaps? cool thought JamBar
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    Why Did We Evolve the Notion of God?

    Isn't that in pretty much every social creature, though? Why do dogs bark at other dogs and demand their own dominance?- because they're the head honcho! Nature has taught us that only the strongest survive. We're alive, we have the power to kill all the animals around us- therefore we're the...
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    Are you Sure..........

    Okay-zee then. Ancient Egyptian gods were the best. Kemetics rock! So, in what way do Setians view Set?
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    Is it right for me?

    ah. it would be interesting to have new works published in this area
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    Another Newbie!

    Hi Olivia! Welcome! Lol, don't you just love it when your parents come from conflicting religions? Roman Catholic vs. Jehovah's Witness for me!! It sure makes choosing your own interesting- but it also gives you a kick in the right direction.
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    Are you Sure..........

    Okay, take it slow and start over. Kemetic is? Okay, here's what I don't understand: Would you consider this as worshipping a false idol- or does such a thing exist? Is everything we worship linked back to God in the end? So, when I worship my laptop I'm worshipping God? Christianity...
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    Is it right for me?

    Okay, did more research: there's an actual satanic bible? You may want to read that before you decide, if you haven't already. (Here's where I do get biased:) Or you could go out on a limb and see that God, Lucifer and Jesus Christ are all characters in a book... and all the fan-fics that...
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    Is it right for me?

    I'm a deist and don't believe in heaven, hell or angels... but I always found satanists to be avoided because it was a concept in my mind that they worshipped an icon of evil. I find your views extremely interesting. I do have some questions though- not to be impertinant or sway you or...
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    Do You Believe In The Salvation of Beasts?

    I never want to be resurrected- once I'm dead I hope I get to stay that way. I've never thought of resurrection as feasible- except for perhaps the release of the soul from the physical form and its dispersion into the universe; it might collect again in another form of life (somewhat like...
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    Why Did We Evolve the Notion of God?

    Going back to a quote from Sunstone on the first pageof this thread: Why did we evolve this design or impulse to personify things? What evolutionary reasons brought it about? I don't know... but really, don't we even do that same kind of thing to people? We observe a few key...
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    What's Wrong With Reason?

    I thought that was one of the key points of Deism- the belief that such things can't be assumed about God. Also, Deism doesn't come with a belief system other than to use reason to discern what good is and to see it through to the best of one's ability. The definition of good therefore can...
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    Hell: A Multiple Choice Question!

    Hell absolutely doesn't exist. lol, and in response to "Hell is merely the absence of God" God is everything and therefore Hell can't exist. :)
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    Hello people!

    Thanks. It's just weird not having a name for your beliefs. Theist would work, I suppose, but that 's pretty broad.
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    Hello people!

    Hey, what's an Echamist?
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    Hello people!

    I believe in god- just not religion. I'm not an atheist. Oh, and my college is ... Presbyterian I think...