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Search results

  1. Woberts

    American Bastille Day

    In my mind, 5/28 will now be the american version of bastille day. Protestors in Minneapolis have taken the 3rd police precinct. This is what happens when centuries of abuse boils over. I think this is finally it. Absolutely, positively, based.
  2. Woberts

    The U.S.A. And the case for ending the Union

    Would certainly be nice, kicking all the degens into a trashy state like Florida.
  3. Woberts

    Now I remember why

    I forgot to remember to forget.
  4. Woberts

    Kent State gun girl open carries on campus. The intolerant socialist left rears its ugly head.

    Good, libertarian trash like her deserve to be harassed.
  5. Woberts

    Satan controls world from the top

    You're so close, it's astonishing. Remove the bit about Satan, throw in some Marx, if you're feeling sassy maybe a bit of Luxemburg, and you'll be right on the money.
  6. Woberts

    Frightening AOC quotes

    That would be the dream.
  7. Woberts

    Love your enemies

    It depends. I have a tiered system of sorts, with the ones at the top deserving death. Probably won't be able to love them. Some of the lower tiers, maybe.
  8. Woberts

    not worshipping the sun?

    Why worship the sun, when you can worship the age of dark instead? The lord of sunlight is but a shadow of his former self, a hollowed out being unfit for fire. Worship the gentle dark, the age of humanity.
  9. Woberts

    Communist Harvard and Yale?

    Yes, they are. We've infiltrated the highest educational institutions in the country. We've turned your kids gay. We are unstoppable.
  10. Woberts

    Say Something Conciliatory to the “Other Side”

    *gasp!* Is it me?! Is it me?! :p
  11. Woberts

    As Arranged, Trump Has Been Acquitted

    Do you really think you'll change anything? Indoctrination runs deep in their minds.
  12. Woberts

    Answered prayer or coincidence?

    So you're insane. Not surprising, all things considered. Your sort generally are.
  13. Woberts

    Are liberals more charitable than conservatives on average?

    Sorry, but it is a fact. Churches provide no function valuable to society that cannot be fulfilled in a more open, transparent way by a similar secular service.
  14. Woberts

    What do you want your funeral to be like?

    Where do you think the blood of Christ comes from? :eek:
  15. Woberts

    RF Caucus - Round 1

    I'm feeling the Bern today.
  16. Woberts

    The Libertarian Delusion...

    Pinochet was a respectable man, ayup.