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Search results

  1. M

    Socially Responsible

    OP if you can't believe in God, you can always believe in Frubals.
  2. M

    Got Wisdom?

    Well, Moses coming down the mountain with the commandments is Old Testament, so technically that predates Christianity. Welcome aboard!
  3. M

    Polygamy legalization

    Yeah I think it should be legalized, however I am no accountant. I mean why legalize a formal, law, allowing a legal merger. Isn't reality enough? I mean ceremoniously, is anyone stoned or burned at the stake marrying more than one person?
  4. M

    Introducing Myself

    Thank you fine sir.
  5. M

    Hot Sauce!

    When I worked in kitchens, this one manager paid me to eat a habenero. So long as you don't wipe your eyes, it's all good. Been hooked ever since. So much better than eating lemons and getting ulcers, eh?
  6. M

    Introducing Myself

    How about some Frubals!
  7. M

    Why are chemical weapons a 'red line'?

    They are inhumane and cause a great deal of suffering, in some cases they simply maim and fail to kill. Probably high degree of civilian casualties. Mustard Gases. Fire Bombings, Napalms, VX Gasses... Then there is the environmental damage. Have you ever seen White Phosphorus.
  8. M

    No such thing as Reincarnation

    Sure Sure, matter cannot be destroyed, yet a soul, which you had better believe you got, is perishable. It is a tough one. I admit, however time moving in one direction and one direction only rather than what a true multi verse might look like with alternate realities, think that Schroders...
  9. M

    Whatever happened to logic?

    Ah... I fail seeing logic in burning witches, but slavery, yeah, there is a lot of logic involved there.
  10. M

    JUST never Stop Listening to This

    I'm more of a David Lee Roth fan myself... cmbhfI8f_Ek David Lee Roth - California Girls (Music Video) - YouTube
  11. M

    JUST never Stop Listening to This

    Yes, but is it religious, and apocalyptic. D97OxHZzBeQ Leonard Cohen - The Future [Official Music Video] - YouTube
  12. M

    New "order"

    Yes, but he is "Thelemic", and that is "Thelema". Nowhere does the plantiff make any remarks regarding the variants of his title in the English language or any other language. IANAL
  13. M

    do god really exist?

    Why can't a micro organism see you from your head down to your feet? Surely when compared to a micro organism, I am a God.
  14. M

    Luciferianism and Gnosticism. Parallels?

    Interesting. So the Resurrection of Jesus might be compatible in the sense that he may actually be a satan who renounced his father at the gate of heaven and was sent back to middle earth. Like a fallen Angel theory. Now the real question is... How many Jesus are out there exactly.
  15. M

    Introducing Myself

    rammoge gammore moregam remmoga rammoge more mag gam more mage orm rom game
  16. M

    Introducing Myself

    Yes it is very relaxed, seemingly, it seems, rather pleasant.
  17. M

    Whatever happened to logic?

    Funny how we confuse logic as a correct answer. Logic simply abstracts any idea, communication or thought, whether it is incorrect, or correct. Good or bad. Objective or subjective, ect... Point a through b. That's all, and even then that is asking quite a bit. From memory, consistency...
  18. M

    Ask StarryNightshade anything.

    StarryNightshade will I ever find true love and when I do, will I see it as what it is?
  19. M

    All Straw Dogs Go to Heaven-and-Earth

    Someone is standing guard at the gates of hell.