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  1. Yazata

    What is your Belief? A statistic for RF

    Where would that leave Buddhism, particularly the early Buddhism of the Pali canon? It's arguably a revealed religion, since the Buddha revealed the path that he taught in his many discourses. But the Buddha is in no way an intermediary. He taught very explicitly that seekers shouldn't accept...
  2. Yazata

    Haley to Biden crossovers welcome

    :) From the perspective of a R primary election voter, the failing in Haley's campaign, and probably in her personally, was that she never gave voters like me any positive reason to vote for her. What was her agenda? What kind of policies did she favor? Her one tangible policy point was her...
  3. Yazata

    I won't eat snails!

    Eeewww! neither will I Even the idea is gross
  4. Yazata

    some thoughts on creationism

    Yes, the 'God' of Natural Theology does seem to reduce what is ostensibly a religious deity to whatever the unknown answers are to a set of metaphysical questions. It isn't clear why a metaphysical function like 'first cause' would be a suitable object of religious worship. That's an argument...
  5. Yazata

    Why should a Christian even look into Islam as a Possible true Faith?

    I'm an agnostic and follow no formal religion. That said, I prefer Christianity over Islam for cultural reasons I needn't get into here. But I do think that Islam is superior theologically to Christianity in how it better preserves monotheism and the unity of the Godhead. Islam avoids all that...
  6. Yazata

    some thoughts on creationism

    Yes, it probably does depend on what preconceptions one is already attaching to the phrase "some being like God". The way I look at it is like this: There are fundamental metaphysical questions, such as what mathematics and logic are, why the physical universe seemingly conforms to them, what...
  7. Yazata

    Haley to Biden crossovers welcome

    Probably because a disproportionate number of them are D's who voted in the R primaries in open (or openish) primary states in hopes of contesting Trump's nomination. The thing is, few of them would have voted for Haley in the general election anyway. (It's like how lots of D's voted for McCain...
  8. Yazata

    Why does Donald Trump hold such power over the Republican Party?

    Donald Trump doesn't exactly hold power over the Republican party. What's actually happening is that the majority of Republican voters agree with him and his agenda. His 2016 run exposed the fact that most Republicans favored his moderate social conservatism and his America first policies. They...
  9. Yazata

    Is science interested in finding God ?

    There are a whole host of fundamental assumptions upon which much (all?) of science is based. Logic and mathematics obviously. The existence of the kind of natural order that physicists love so much, their "laws of nature". Scientists typically accept these kind of things as givens and doesn't...
  10. Yazata

    Is science interested in finding God ?

    Depends on how one defines 'God', I guess. Science seems to have little or no interest in finding the kind of personalized deities that one finds in the 'Abrahamic' religions and in theistic forms of Hinduism. But science does seem to be pursuing what we might call an Ultimate Explanation for...
  11. Yazata

    The circular reasoning of Evolution and billions of years believers.

    "Evolution" just means change over time. It's hard to argue against that. Most of the objections seem to be to the idea of explaining observed features of reality by long-term changes occurring, rather than by intentional creation events, and (especially) by the assumption that those were all...
  12. Yazata

    Mike Johnson, a staunch Louisiana conservative, is elected House Speaker

    He's from Shreveport! I used to live right outside Shreveport in Bossier City. So I'm inclined to like the guy just for that. As a Republican voter I'm happy that they have found a speaker. I'd never heard of Johnson but he looks pretty good to me, perhaps better than McCarthy. The fact that...
  13. Yazata

    (Unofficial) Beliefs questionnaire for RF

    Hard to put it in a single word. I adhere very much to what is termed 'analytical' philosophy. A style of philosophizing more than a set of doctrines. I'm something of a naturalist, although not so much a materialist. (As I conceive it, nature includes mathematical and logical relationships...
  14. Yazata

    To Whom (if Anyone) Do Your Life, Body, and Self (if You Believe in One) Belong?

    I don't belong to anyone, least of all God. (I'm an opponent of slavery.) I guess that I do see myself (whatever that word refers to) as being captain of my personal ship. Hence I'm a big believer in personal liberty and autonomy, I guess.
  15. Yazata

    How can you dream of something that doesn't exist?

    I don't understand your post. Are you talking about different gods? About different ways of conceiving god? Or what?
  16. Yazata

    Why does Donald Trump hold such power over the Republican Party?

    "Why Does Donald Trump Hold Such Power Over the Republican Party?" As is so often the case, the subject line in this thread presents a false premise. I voted for Trump in 2016 and in 2020, and if he is the Republican candidate in 2024 I will almost certainly vote for him again. The reason has...
  17. Yazata

    Disbelievers in Islam answer please

    I would assume that there is some explanation for why the Moon seemingly cracked in two. And I would look first and foremost to science to discover that reason. (Did a large asteroid strike the Moon? Were lots of fragments ejected? (Is the Earth in danger of being struck by Moon fragments?)...
  18. Yazata

    the scientific correctness and noncorrectness of buddism

    While some Mahayana Buddhists say things like that, I don't think that it's universal to Buddhists, particularly Theravada. I'm not really comfortable with turning Buddhism into a supernatural ontology of some sort, with some sort of 'Buddha-nature' in the place of God (or Brahman in the...
  19. Yazata

    The Obama thread

    Yes, I think it was. I think that it was the result of well-intended but largely unrealistic assumptions. Self-serving assumptions certainly. But that often happens when people perceive themselves as the "good people" whose self-appointed mission is to bring 'good' to everyone else. (Whether...
  20. Yazata

    Does it make sense if God stops talking?

    Well, I don't personally believe in a God that talks to humans or dictates supposedly holy books or whatever. But sure, it's possible to invent theological theories about why such a God might have grown more quiet with time. The first that comes to my mind is that God wants humanity to mature...