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Search results

  1. CDRaider

    I miss you Hema! I am just checking on here at lunch. There are so many new people! I don't...

    I miss you Hema! I am just checking on here at lunch. There are so many new people! I don't know any of them!
  2. CDRaider

    random pics

    Ha ha ha, get it... blue mouse Ok, i want a pigmy horse eating
  3. CDRaider

    random pics

    Okay, how about a green rabbit
  4. CDRaider

    Women that don't want children

    I don't want kids. Or at least at this point, I don't want kids. I may change my mind but as of now i relaly dont' want them ever. One reason is that I"m selfish. I don't make alot of money, I make very little in the social work field and will cap out at a really low level. I don't feel...
  5. CDRaider

    Beat the picture-part 2

    One of the ARMY ANT's favorite foods are termite. Just look at the size of these things!
  6. CDRaider

    Beat the picture-part 2

    My fire breathing dragon melts your shield!
  7. CDRaider

    Word Association:

  8. CDRaider

    Word Association:

  9. CDRaider

    Word Association:

    love (or the lack there of)
  10. CDRaider

    Wanna be a pole dancer

    Seriously you should get Carmen Electra's strip tease aerobic work outs, its the same thing but cheaper. I relaly agree with you.
  11. CDRaider

    Paris Hilton Political Cartoons

    Thats hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolf:
  12. CDRaider

    what of theses things would you stand up for??

    Honestly everything is so situational... there are things i would stand up in all categories but there are also a lot of times where i don't want to support whatever is being said just because of principle. I stand up for gays and lesbians, religion, my country, ect when they are right in my...
  13. CDRaider


    I am a total fatalist and I think that things like this happen all the time. Yeah, I know how stressful it can be but just keep through it and try to remain friends with both of them and hopefully they'll work things out. Keep us updated. I hope you don't ever have to chose. If you want to...
  14. CDRaider

    Hopefully returning to the forum/Update on life

    Thanks everyone, now stop posting so fast, I can't keep up!
  15. CDRaider

    The toughest question to answer

    I have to agree, I like alba upper body, meaning the face of course
  16. CDRaider

    Hopefully returning to the forum/Update on life

    I'll be sure to do that *hides Wendy's bag and bag of Dark Chocolate M&Ms* Yeah, I'm eating healthy. I'm not binge eating at all. :rolleyes:
  17. CDRaider

    The toughest question to answer

    I LOVE the hips of biel. alba and simpsons hips are too small.
  18. CDRaider

    Hopefully returning to the forum/Update on life

    Hey, I thought I'd come back and update people for whomever still remembers me. Lol, I've been gone too long, there are so many new names on the forum. I just wanted to come in and tell you guys whats going on in my life. I graduated college on the 9th of this month and started a new job on...
  19. CDRaider

    I'm back! (I posted two wedding pics)

    HEMA!!! I missed this tread! Awww.. you are so beautiful! I want to come get married there so you can dress me up!
  20. CDRaider

    Soaring Gas Prices

    Yeah, I can't remember what it is called but that isn't new. Its been happening since the beginning of the nigerian oil prodcuation. What happenes is that people will bush open the pipeline to collect it in buckets to sell it so they can eat and stuff and a motorbike nearby will backfire and...