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  1. Luke_17:2

    The True Church

    I am not an elitist, and even if I were, it has nothing to do with this. I revere them as perfect because they proceeded from the mouth of God, who is perfect. My view is that if they're not perfect, you throw them out. If one part of the Bible is deficient, there's something wrong with it...
  2. Luke_17:2

    Christian: Who are you being told to vote for?

    You missed the point, me thinks. I wasn't referring to this forum. I was referring to society in general. Society gets outraged when churches tell its members how to vote, but when unions tell, even coerce, their members to vote for certain candidates, no one seems to notice.
  3. Luke_17:2

    Christian: Who are you being told to vote for?

    I know the Catholic Church sometimes tells their members how to vote, but that doesn't surprise me. And then the members don't buy into it -usually. Even if churches did make a rule of endorsing candidates and telling them how to vote, that's no different then unions telling their members how...
  4. Luke_17:2

    What Do You Feel is Lacking in Modern Christianity?

    My point is that there's no law against fighting in a military force. You have the wrong concept of patriotism. Patriotism is not loyalty to government, but to a country. As individuals, yes. If someone slaps me across the face in an argument, I'm supposed to turn the other cheek. If...
  5. Luke_17:2

    Christian: Who are you being told to vote for?

    My church never has. It's a church, not a think-tank.
  6. Luke_17:2


    Most Protestants believe that the individual can interpret the Bible/Scriptures anyway they want -and after they interpret they decide which church to join. That's how I became a Baptist. Not because everyone told me to, but because I believed the Bible was best represented in the Baptist...
  7. Luke_17:2

    Isn't Islam an idol worshiping religion?

    I'm a Christian who won't even put up a cross because I consider it idolatry, so I'm probably too radical. However, having the symbol of allah be a crescent moon is not idolatry; it's symbolism, which may become idolatry if you're not careful.
  8. Luke_17:2

    literal belief and christianity

    The four hundred years between Malachi and Matthew. God sent no prophets, so they wrote no books. The Apocrypha is very interesting reading but it's not scripture.
  9. Luke_17:2

    Should Spanking Your Children Be Illegal?

    Yes they are. But beating up children is abuse -that does leave damage. Spanking isn't anymore abuse then grounding, detention, or any other type of "tough love". Seen by who as violence? I'd ask you if you were a communist, but I already know you are. So I'll say this; if you mean the...
  10. Luke_17:2

    literal belief and christianity

    I thought we were talking about the Levitical law. Since we're talking about sacrifices, I can go even further back. When Adam and Eve sinned and were sent out of Eden, God gave them garments of fur to keep them warm -those garments had to have come from somewhere, so obviously God killed a...
  11. Luke_17:2

    Is Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy?

    Was I debating?
  12. Luke_17:2

    I'm what happens when cousins marry...

    As far as I know, God's still around...
  13. Luke_17:2

    Does Jesus have any limitation?

    Jesus, the man in the flesh, derived all His power from the Father, and therefore has limitation. Jesus, as God, has none. At least that's how I understand it.
  14. Luke_17:2


    A follower of Christ. A born-again believer may not be a Christian, but a Christian must be a born-again believer.
  15. Luke_17:2

    "The brain is just how the soul expresses itself"

    The brain is the physical, the mind is the abstract. The soul and the spirit influence the mind. The brain is the physical manifestation, imo.
  16. Luke_17:2

    Should Spanking Your Children Be Illegal?

    They're not dogs. but dogs don't get to sit at the dinner table like civilized human beings. Children do, so I expect them to behave correctly.
  17. Luke_17:2

    Why Liberal Democracy?

    Democracy is a terrible form of government. In the words of Ben Franklin, "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding on what to have for dinner; liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" So, I hate democracy. Though I'm a monarchist deep down, the best form of government, imo...
  18. Luke_17:2

    Should Spanking Your Children Be Illegal?

    Children are not dogs. How to raise children is up to the parents. All I can say is this; my grand father was raised with spanking, my father was, I was, my children were. It's been my experience that it works. The kids don't end up affected by it other then that they learned at an early age...
  19. Luke_17:2

    literal belief and christianity

    The Protestant canon is very recent. However, what is included in it had existed for a long while. The Catholic Bible have long been considered by non-Catholics (ever since the reformation) to not be completely inspired. Mainly because the Apocrypha was written in a era of silence.
  20. Luke_17:2

    literal belief and christianity

    True. The Levitical law was symbolic, but it was part of Judaism which is NOT Christianity. No it wasn't. The law wasn't to be given for another 2500 years after man's expulsion from the Garden of Eden.