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Search results

  1. jeanie

    Sanctifying Masturbation

    I think the magic practitioners who summon "supernatural powers" summon by masturbation is simply the rush of hormones & adrenaline that overcome your body during orgasm. It makes you feel good, and sometimes it feels like a connection with the spiritual world.
  2. jeanie

    Need Liquor Help!

    tastings are great to sample liquors so you know what you like. There are too many options to just pick one! Check a liquor store event calendar near you.
  3. jeanie

    Greed is Good

    Greed promotes advancement. sooo, yes in a way in order for our world to evolve, greed is a motivating factor!
  4. jeanie

    Meditations on Wisdom

    These are quite nice, although the vocabulary is a little advanced for most (myself included, LOL!)
  5. jeanie

    Are Vampires Real?......

    If vampires exist, I really hope its not like those in Twilight. They are so stale and bland and take themselves too seriously. Like lighten up and tell a joke! Geez!
  6. jeanie

    What is a real God?

    A real God is hope. Hope in the afterlife, hope there is more out there, hope that life has purpose.
  7. jeanie

    Dogs know...

    There was a Nova special about this. Turns out its because they have an internal clock.
  8. jeanie

    Poll for Women

    That was beautifully put! I wonder however... is a poet good in bed???
  9. jeanie

    Skinny Dipping?

    You need to add a section to the poll regarding day or night skinny dipping. I would NEVER do day, but have done it during the night once and thought it was actually quite fun!
  10. jeanie

    Poll for Women

    That was a loaded question! Honestly some days I feel like the personality prevails because if he sounds playful and easygoing, I can literally roll around with him or maybe do it outside under a bridge or something. If he sounds uptight then it probably won't be fun, just "wham, bam, thank you...
  11. jeanie

    Living in Indiana?

    I think it's great that the TV show "The Middle" takes place in Indiana, nice to see a smaller state in small town USA featured instead of The big cities all the time! Is it really how it appears on the show, like a laid-back bedroom community?
  12. jeanie

    Travelling Cuba- Photos

    Wow just incredible. It's amazing that a country can be frozen in time in this current era. I hope it stays that way, if the USA ever goes in, all will change and it will become just like Puerto Rico, which is nice but it lacks the same mystical, timeless charm. thanks for sharing those photos!
  13. jeanie

    Would you advise oral sex instead of . . . ?

    That's actually becoming an epidemic with many consequences. This article called Is oral sex real sex? explains a lot surrounding this practice as it's being suggested as an alternative but carries it's own heavy weight of risks like oral cancer. Also, the reputation of women is being harmed...
  14. jeanie

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Long time ago I came across yohimbine lotion "It is thought to work by increasing the body's production of certain chemicals that promote erections." which obviosuyl is talking about blood flow.I read it's supposed to be an aphrodisiac too so maybe you can get double duty. Possibly though it's...
  15. jeanie

    Brrrrrrrrr!!! Americans - how cold is it where you are?

    It's the same up here in Alberta. Drought in the south, flooding in the north.
  16. jeanie

    PETA: are you for them or against them?

    They're an extremist groups and could even be considered terrorists. They give Vegans a bad name.
  17. jeanie

    Erectile Dysfunction

    That's quote common and it very well could be performance anxiety. It's nothing to be ashamed of and it's NOT your fault. Our bodies do unexplained things sometimes. I've actually encountered a similar problem. The doctor helped with some meds and he also suggested a penis pump to use with the...
  18. jeanie

    What is your favorite TV show?

    The Simpsons, Big Brother, Survivor For retro shows is Full House and That 70's show
  19. jeanie

    Say something nice about yourself

    I try to out out of may way to help others. I really believe if you make others happy, you make yourself happy. Have a servant's heart.
  20. jeanie

    How do I move out?

    You may need some help from a guidance councilor or one of those free services that helps kids in trouble. Not that you're in trouble but they can help give you advice and help get you on your way. Good luck, it's an important step in a person's life, you'll be happy after too.