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  1. FirstandAmistad

    Your children around transgender classmates

    I don't know how you could possibly believe that encouraging your children to mock and degrade others is compassionate. An adult encouraging such hatred and intolerance is literally child abuse, and you could also probably be legally found complicit in bullying (and rightfully so). You don't...
  2. FirstandAmistad

    Your children around transgender classmates

    This is what I meant when I said they were likely to "be targeted by inconsiderate people who lack empathy for their fellow humans." I feel deeply sorry for your children, if you have them. And if you don't, I hope you learn to treat people with basic human decency before you do.
  3. FirstandAmistad

    Choosing a pantheon

    I don't have a specific pantheon, instead I revere specific deities that I've felt particularly drawn or connected to. Most of those I've chosen are Celtic, mostly due to my heritage being mostly Welsh and Irish and my interest in learning about them. I also stand in an odd place on what I...
  4. FirstandAmistad

    Zoroastrian Reflections

    I'm not a really a Zoroastrian, but after my de-conversion from Christianity some years ago, I found a powerful draw to Zoroastrianism and delved into the Gathas and some other writings. It felt familiar, but resonated more strongly with me than Christianity had. I have since drifted towards...
  5. FirstandAmistad

    Your children around transgender classmates

    I'll preface the following comments with the fact that I'm not trans and my statements are from what I've gathered from having a family member and a friend who are. There are already conventions in place in many places to ensure that those under 18 get approved by a psychologist to make sure...
  6. FirstandAmistad

    What gives you the idea that a deity is real?

    I've had numerous experiences that have felt "spiritual" to me, especially when deep in meditation or otherwise removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But even though I've experienced these, I admit this is quite possibly the result of entirely normal chemical/electrical/hormonal...
  7. FirstandAmistad

    Is sexuality a choice?

    How condescending you are. I could just as easily say, "oh you poor slaves to doctrine that demands that you go against your own natures as humans." There has been ample scientific research to show that repressing one's sexuality is damaging. Our sexualities are core parts of our natures...
  8. FirstandAmistad

    A New Dark Age For Europe

    Lol I love the assertion that Muslims will plunge Europe into another dark age when Europe was in its last dark age it was large part due to intellectual suppression by the Christian (gasp!) Church while the Muslim world was experiencing its Golden Age and was a flourishing home of the arts and...
  9. FirstandAmistad

    Is Religion Good or Bad?

    Humans have a natural tendency to be drawn towards spiritual beliefs and practices, and I don't think that we'll ever see human society without religion. Whether that's a good or bad thing is certainly up for debate. I know it's overplayed, but I do think that there's something to be said for...
  10. FirstandAmistad

    If there is no creator

    Well, I'm not an atheist, but I do believe the scientific consensus that the Big Bang was the origin of time and space and really everything that we can understand at all. So the short answer is, I don't know. But it seems to me that positing a god as a creator in order to explain this is just...
  11. FirstandAmistad

    Afraid of death?

    As has been stated already, I believe that what people truly fear is the unknown. All that we know and understand is being alive. We don't recall anything before it, and we don't know for certain (no matter how adamantly you claim to be certain) what will happen our lives end. Will there be a...
  12. FirstandAmistad

    We Are All Born Muslim

    Do you have children? If you don't, imagine that you do. Do you teach your children the tenants of Islam? Do you teach them the message in the Quran and what you see as the right way to live by your god? If you have to teach them, how can they have been born Muslim? I think I understand where...
  13. FirstandAmistad

    Which religion you hate most

    Somewhat political rant: /end of political rant. I don't hate any religion on the whole. As someone with an avid love for history, I'm sometimes very frustrated with the historical tendency of Christianity and Islam to wipe out the beliefs and practices of those they conquer (often through...
  14. FirstandAmistad

    The purpose of Life

    I don't believe there is a great purpose to life. But I view that as more liberating than dreary. It's up to each person to decide how to live their lives and how to endow them with purpose. It doesn't have to be something grand. In my mind, as along as you aren't hurting anyone (who doesn't...
  15. FirstandAmistad

    No problem :)

    No problem :)
  16. FirstandAmistad

    Who Started the "God is Gay" thread?

    Misogyny is clearly evident all throughout the bible. Even when I was a Christian, I usually interpreted these parts as being fabrications of the priests and rulers trying to exert power over half of the population by making them feel (and be treated as) lesser to the other half. Women are said...
  17. FirstandAmistad


    Thanks for the resources, all! I've been wanting to look more into Manichaeism but wasn't quite sure where to start
  18. FirstandAmistad

    Do you blaspheme?

    The problem is trying to apply "pagan" as a blanket term to an extremely diverse and widespread group of spiritual and religious beliefs. There isn't really a standard for paganism because it's a very imprecise term. I'm sure many pagans would agree with you, but there are also many who...
  19. FirstandAmistad

    Hey, How About A Fido Burger Or Two?

    I'd only eat dog if the only alternative was starving to death. It's a bit arbitrary, but because of the emotional connections I've had to dogs and cats I don't think I could bring myself to eat them (barring extreme circumstances). I think it's probably because my brain processes them as having...
  20. FirstandAmistad

    What would you do

    I don't believe we're moral out of a vacuum, I just don't believe that good and evil necessarily come from a demiurge, but rather from the desire to create society. The appeal of society is obvious. It allowed early people to be safer, diversify resources, and create a broader sense of community...