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Search results

  1. Kungfuzed

    I have white skin, but I'm not white.

    I've met white people from Africa and blacks from England. It makes no sense to use Continent-Country to refer to race.
  2. Kungfuzed

    An example of why I am against prostitution

    I said nothing about how they ended up as prostitutes. Everyone is born innocent. I'm only making an observation of what they have become, at least the ones I've met. I worked in an adult jail. I never met any of them as children or teenagers. I don't feel sorry for the johns, nor did I label...
  3. Kungfuzed

    The Case for a Government Monopoly on Prostitution

    Don't we still have a problem with Conservatives regulating vaginas? Now the Liberals want in on it too? Wouldn't the government regulate all the fun out of it? Imagine the hazmat suit we'd have to wear once OSHA gets involved.
  4. Kungfuzed

    Does Knowing The Future Allow You To Change It?

    "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it." ~ Ooguay
  5. Kungfuzed

    An example of why I am against prostitution

    The prostitutes I have encountered, having worked in a jail here in the USA, are even more sociopathic than the johns in my opinion. All of them were drug addicts with heroin being the drug of choice. STDs are commonplace. Most of them continue to trade sex for goods or favors in prison. One...
  6. Kungfuzed

    Right to healthcare

    So maybe people should have the right to basic healthcare services but not procedures or medications as expensive as a lambo. That opens up a whole can of worms about rationing healthcare, which is already done through supply and demand. I saw an article once, don't remember when or where, that...
  7. Kungfuzed

    Right to healthcare

    There were many rights that didn't come along until the 20th century. I think more rights are to come in this century. I know here in the US that health care wasn't a right and still isn't, but do you think it should be?
  8. Kungfuzed

    Right to healthcare

    But should a certain degree of healthcare a right, like the right to vote? And if so, should it also be free to those who can't pay for it?
  9. Kungfuzed

    Right to healthcare

    I believe this topic is sort of being discussed in another lengthy thread. I wanted to get your current thoughts on the right to healthcare. Of course anyone with money or the right insurance can buy the care they need, but what if you're broke? Do people have the right to free healthcare if...
  10. Kungfuzed

    Accuse the Previous Poster of Being a Witch

    Everyone from England is a witch! That's their Zion. Say hi to Harry Potter for me.
  11. Kungfuzed

    Test yourself for Free Will.

    Like a computer I'm subject to my anatomy (determined by my genes rather than a computer manufacturer) and input through my senses. A computer has a mouse, keyboard, disk drive, USB, and ethernet. I have eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and touch receptors. Of course, I'm much more autonomous than your...
  12. Kungfuzed

    Test yourself for Free Will.

    I suppose it all depends on what you consider your will to be free from. My will might be free from your control, at least to a certain extent. I'm not free from my genes or environment. I'm not free to be anything or anyone but me. I'm certainly not free to be you. No matter how much I'd like...
  13. Kungfuzed

    Would you genetically engineer your unborn child?

    I've got alot more questions than answers. If the parents decided to change everything about their baby, who would be the biological parents at that point? Would the child be considered adopted? If you run a paternity/maternity test on a genetically engineered child, wouldn't it be the child of...
  14. Kungfuzed

    Drug Tests for Welfare and Food Stamps?

    Most proponents of this idea use their own job as justification. If your own employer requires a drug test then why not the government? But a company can only test it's own employees, not it's customers. The 4th Amendment to the Constitution does not apply to private entities or individuals, it...
  15. Kungfuzed

    Polyamory in light of UUA Principles

    Does this include polygamy? Does polyamory refer to orgys or just permiscuity?
  16. Kungfuzed

    Deathwish: not using condoms

    If I catch an STD my wife will be in big trouble.
  17. Kungfuzed

    The other face of Philippines

    The population is a big problem, but I thought the main cause of their poverty is a corrupt government. That's what most pinoys tell me anyway. Didn't it start with Ferdinand Marcos?
  18. Kungfuzed

    The other face of Philippines

    I didn't visit the garbage dumps, but I did see alot of people living on the street and rows of makeshift dwellings on the sidewalk. I couldn't go anywhere without being solicited by children for change. I wanted to help but there were so many. They opened my eyes to how good my life really is.
  19. Kungfuzed

    The other face of Philippines

    I've been to the Philippines. I love the country and the food and culture, but I've never seen such poverty.
  20. Kungfuzed

    Atheists: Is that your final answer?

    I'm always willing to discuss and listen, if only out of curiosity. But if you ask me if there is a God I'll tell you with confidence there is none, as a statement of fact, just as I would about bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. I am convinced that the God I believed in was a figment of my...