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  1. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    Kinda ticks me off

    I hate it when people bunch up all the chistianity stuff, like the bibles. and the use it against us and it make no sence, for instence: i say the bible doesn't contradict and then someone will say 2 different verses from 2 differnt bibles and say they contradict. and as far as my religion im...
  2. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    Religion and Magick

    First of all, its magic not magick where in the bible does it say astology is evil, and what bible are you reading?
  3. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    Should people believe the King James Version of the bible?

    this part really stuck out yo me God never got nervous, he became angry because he told them man can only reach god by god, not by man, and the whole thing about people thinking the earth was round wasn't real, it was in a story book and an "athiest" universitytook it literally and thought...
  4. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    Why don't jews belive Jesus was/is the messiah?

    Then what do jews consider jesus?
  5. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    If God Created Everything Who Created God????

    God has no begining or end and we can never comprehended it until we are with him side by side
  6. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

    I dont belive in evilution or anything but i know the answer to your original qustion. Chimps, apes and other primates, such as humans suposebly had a common ancestor which evolved in many different creature to suit thier enviorment(suposebly).
  7. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    Why don't jews belive Jesus was/is the messiah?

    Please explain, because im confused:bonk:
  8. DanDanTheCoffeyMan


    I hate it when athests uses to different religions, treat them as one and trie to prove it wrong, it doesn't work like that
  9. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    How old do people think the earth is.

    How do you KNOW how old there earth is?
  10. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    evolution in schools

    I personaly think that if you teach evolution in a school then you also have to teach creasionism and vise versa
  11. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    homosexual Christians

    God did not make him gay. Homosexuality is a sin but god loves sinners but if he does not change, he will end up in hell.
  12. DanDanTheCoffeyMan

    prove me wrong on evolution

    Give some evodence on macro evolution, not micro evolution or somehow tie them together, solidly