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  1. cablescavenger


    I spend too much time on here. I am looking at a screen and not my wife whom I love very much. RF has to give, so good luck all, and bye x Keep the faith.
  2. cablescavenger

    Closing my RF Account.

    What a sweet person you are violet. I hope you find what you are looking to achieve.
  3. cablescavenger

    Cloning - hmmm,,, what to do?

    I don't know why either. I did a bit more poking around and I can't see anyone seriously suggesting cloning because it comes with considerable risk.
  4. cablescavenger

    Questions to atheists

    Do they?
  5. cablescavenger

    What is the meaning of women?

    Oh my giddy aunt :facepalm:
  6. cablescavenger

    Does God Exist: Maybe?

    I didn't misread you ;) Many supernatural objects from such as Gods, Unicorns, ghosts, monsters and fairies are supposed to have existed. We have written evidence of these only. As such they are currently just myth and legend. I can choose to say: "There may be some truth in these, but I do...
  7. cablescavenger

    Does God Exist: Maybe?

    I think that can be summarised. There is a possibility that God works in my local McDonalds, you might not believe it but I think it means we can't know for sure.
  8. cablescavenger

    Why do Atheists exist?

  9. cablescavenger

    ex-christian=never christian???

    I'd say he made it up on the spot.
  10. cablescavenger

    Do you want god to be existed ?

    Do I really have to tell you that isn't a language, if so grunting on the toilet would also be a universal language ewwwww.... Oh brother :facepalm: We have different morals and find different things acceptable because we are from different cultures i.e. nothing to do with God giving us a set...
  11. cablescavenger

    Can science prove or disprove the existence of a Spiritual existence? God?

    Dawkins describes the bible and it's contents as nonsense. Dawkins has said he would like to see religion destroyed. There is probably little difference between Dawkins and Clines lack of belief. The main difference between them will be how they can express that publicly. Dawkins as a...
  12. cablescavenger

    Hitchens and Dawkins: Quran

    You don't have to sleep with a crack whore to know she is a crack whore. Why do you suppose Hitchen's who was already familiar with the religion had to go into any more depth? It would not change his opinion.
  13. cablescavenger

    Do you want god to be existed ?

    As far as I am concerned God doesn't exist. If God existed and wanted harmony why is it that your first language is not the same as mine. Why is it that your beliefs of acceptable behaviour is different to mine. Why is it that we go through life and our death age is more likelyt to be...
  14. cablescavenger

    The Sacred Cow

    I take little notice of gossip.
  15. cablescavenger

    "I am a good parent . . . . "

    To me the mans views on homosexuality or whether his son should be homosexual are irrelevant since it is just opinion, and his son I am sure will not change his own opinion, but will enjoy the free computer :) In that sense the parent is probably not the brightest. The real crime is one of...
  16. cablescavenger

    How does an Atheist come to terms with predetermined events in life?

    Time is not constant you can get ahead of it or fall behind it dependent on where you are in the universe, the gravity you are experienceing and the speed you are travelling. The Hafele-Keating experiment will explain it better than I can.
  17. cablescavenger

    Is being religious sane or not?

    I have grown up with religion and religious people around me who I am close to. I have been to religious conventions and had thousands of people dancing around in some kind of self induced hysteria waving flags and claiming to perform miracles. I have been to church many times throughpout my...
  18. cablescavenger

    Trading Insults

    I am correcting the intention. I can see where the thread may have been misinterpreted and accept I might have worded it better, but I think some of the misinterpretation may also be cultural, because my posts are examples of whta I was looking for. When I say trading insults I don't mean...
  19. cablescavenger

    What would you do...

    Come down to earth and make myself irresistable to women.
  20. cablescavenger

    Non-Muslims in Mecca