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  1. Terrywoodenpic

    The so-called global flood--evidence against

    There is no need to disprove the "FLOOD" there is no actual evidence of a flood for anyone to disprove. Like the creation story, it is just ancient folklore rolled over into religion. You can not prove or disprove such myths and false beliefs. However the. total lack of positive evidence for a...
  2. Terrywoodenpic

    What convinced you that Evolution is the truth?

    The idea that science can be compartmentalized into little boxes of individual sciences has long been shown to be not true, every area of study is interconnected with many others. Usually shown to be linking back to particle physics. The processes of Evolution are still being studied and are a...
  3. Terrywoodenpic

    What convinced you that Evolution is the truth?

    Evolution is no different to any other science, there is always more to learn. Science is not a belief.
  4. Terrywoodenpic

    Great News For RF!

    Isn't that the handl you will have to pay them with. Best wishes for quick recovery
  5. Terrywoodenpic

    Why don't people do what other people tell them to do?

    People only do what is in their interest to do. That can be either the stick or carrot, or a combination of the two. Without such an incentive they tend to do whatever pleases them or nothing at all.
  6. Terrywoodenpic

    China’s Advancing Efforts to Influence the U.S. Election Raise Alarms

    China has no interest in a destroyed USA There would then be no worthwhile trade. Of course china would prefer to be the one calling the shots.
  7. Terrywoodenpic

    China’s Advancing Efforts to Influence the U.S. Election Raise Alarms

    They might even make things better...who knows, it is all if's...and may be's Their choice of who to support could even be more rational.
  8. Terrywoodenpic

    China’s Advancing Efforts to Influence the U.S. Election Raise Alarms

    Of course they "could" but there is no evidence that they have, or even want to. I also doubt that they could have any significant influence over the results. When you look at their relationships and trade around the world, there is no detectable difference between how they treat political...
  9. Terrywoodenpic

    President Joe Biden Declares Easter Sunday As Transgender Day Of Visibility

    RUSSIA Is the one major power with the strongest anti LGBT legislation and policies. World wide both the socialist and the right wing are split on the issue. It can not be ascribed to international communist policy.
  10. Terrywoodenpic

    China’s Advancing Efforts to Influence the U.S. Election Raise Alarms

    Anyone who speaks out in favour of. Anything China related is flagged as speaking on behalf of China. The USA is paranoid on the subject. As poth parties are now substantially anti Chinese, there is no reason for China to waste any time, energy or money on trying to influence the election in...
  11. Terrywoodenpic

    President Joe Biden Declares Easter Sunday As Transgender Day Of Visibility

    It is an international day. How could the USA change it unilaterally. This whole thing is fake news. Easter day rarely falls on the 31st of march so this is not a thing. Biden neither changed the date nor Easter. It was just chance that they coincided this year, for those following the western...
  12. Terrywoodenpic

    FWIW: Linen in Leviticus - an historical context

    The same natural fibres would have been available then as now. Including fine bleached linen, course natural linen(flax). Camel hair. Goats hair, sheep's wool an cotton. Some places used stinging nettle to produce a linen like fibre. Fine fibres like rabbit make the finest quality felt. Not...
  13. Terrywoodenpic

    Mathematics, Discovered or Invented?

    A similar question is what are the irreducible "Events" Rules" necessary to cause a functioning universe to come into existence. Are they the same for all universes.
  14. Terrywoodenpic

    What is your Belief? A statistic for RF

    I believe that the teachings of Jesus can lead to an excellent way of life. However Christianity nor any other religion can give any such guarantees. However I doubt very much that there is a God as represented by any religion.
  15. Terrywoodenpic

    The exceptional Nature of American Creativity

    It is true that many scientific advances have been commercialised by American companies. But the original inventions are more often from other countries or by foreign born scientists. Of more recent times China has become a leading player in research and development. Especially in...
  16. Terrywoodenpic

    Houston mega church shooting: Uvalde 2.0

    The cops demonstrated how bullies always act.cowards.
  17. Terrywoodenpic

    Courage of the White Flag

    Surrender in this case means Russia will move on to attack the next country in line. This is what Germany did until the UK stood up to them. Where do you think Russia will stop. The more countries. It takes, the easier it gets. Be very afraid. Appeasement never works.
  18. Terrywoodenpic

    Why So Much Trinity Bashing?

    My own views are closer to Christian Unitarianism. Which has nothing to do with Protestantism. And is the antithesis of Trinitarianism as understood by orthodox, Roman Catholics and Anglicans or any of the protestant churches. The Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland, is perhaps the...
  19. Terrywoodenpic

    Why So Much Trinity Bashing?

    I would suggest that Christians on this forum represent a fair cross section of those found around the world today. I can not say that anyone that I have met including priests would vote an entirely straight ticket when it comes to Christian dogma. Even if you were a dogmatic bible literalist...
  20. Terrywoodenpic

    Why So Much Trinity Bashing?

    There have always been Christians that opposed the trinity, they only narrowly lost the vote in the synod that established the trinity as doctrine. And they were crushed by both the church and the emperor but never completely eradicated. Ideas are extremely difficult to defeat. Because the...