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  1. Doktormartini

    Can Confucianism be considered a religion?

    No, not according to my Chinese history university professor and I don't think it is either. I believe it's more of a political philosophy.
  2. Doktormartini


    Hey everyone. I used to post here awhile back in 2008. I converted to Buddhism at the beginning of this year :) Anyways, as for this post...Shin Buddhist really don't believe in Reincarnation. Or at least don't give it much thought, although they still believe in the Pure Land.
  3. Doktormartini

    New spin on Adam and Eve!

    Here is an interesting spin on Adam and Eve, Cain and Able. What are your thoughts? I figured I would post it here since there is bound to be some sort of debate! I was originally gonna post it here but I would have to post it in sections so I figured just to link to it! Ishmael Community...
  4. Doktormartini

    Epistles of Paul as the Word of God?

    3: What scriptures? The Gospels were written after Paul's writings.
  5. Doktormartini


    I do not believe in the concept of a soul but I am a vegan =o)
  6. Doktormartini

    Epistles of Paul as the Word of God?

    Would someone please explain to me why Paul never mentions Jesus as if he was a historical figure?
  7. Doktormartini

    Miracles in the 6-day war

    Free Palestine =o)
  8. Doktormartini

    Sai Baba?

    Hey everyone! I work at this camp and this weekend about 600 devotees of Satyha Sai Baba came. I just wanna know some info abut Sai Baba. I know he brought free schools to India (correct?) and he's a lot like Jesus, Imaculate conception, miracles...etc. Also, they told me that he knows when...
  9. Doktormartini


    Because they are all so far right winged and only show one side of the Issue and they never show anything that puts Israel in the wrong even if what they are doing is wrong.
  10. Doktormartini

    And you're proud to be christian?

    If they weren't proud to be a Christian then they probably wouldn't be one!
  11. Doktormartini


    Hi! I haven't been here in awhile! I saw my thread and figured I'd chime in! I don't believe in every Jewish conspiracy, but you cannot deny the fact that almost every main media corporation in the US is either run by Jews, or Zionists.
  12. Doktormartini


  13. Doktormartini

    Islamic Music question!

    Thanks your reply was very well done! I listen to Islamic music so this was a question that was boggling me. Thanks again!
  14. Doktormartini

    Islamic Music question!

    Salam everyone! I have a question. I was looking at Muslim music on Youtube and one of the comments said something like about how Islam forbids all instruments except percussion. I know lots of Muslim artists that create music with just percussion, but then I know lots that create music with...
  15. Doktormartini

    Would a Christian kindly help me understand these verses?

    Thanks everyone! You are all great! God Bless.
  16. Doktormartini

    Would a Christian kindly help me understand these verses?

    Thanks all for the replies...I was a little confused. Why does he say that if you get circumcised Christ will be of no profit to you? Millions of Christians are circumcised...does that mean Christ doesn't do anything for them?
  17. Doktormartini

    Would a Christian kindly help me understand these verses?

    Hi! Thanks for reading this. I have a question! In Galatians 5:2-4 Paul says: "2Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing. 3For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law. 4Christ is become of no...
  18. Doktormartini

    Other religions and Christ

    Who cares. Bush and Kerry belong to a secret organization. Nixon belonged to one...etc etc. Also my religion (lol none cause I'm atheist) is mixed. Me, I believe he was a regular man that taught things. Some people go so far as to say he never existed. I believe he may have existed and...
  19. Doktormartini

    Which Religion Would You Stand Up For?

    I would stand up for all of them.
  20. Doktormartini

    Brothers and Sisters in Christ

    I'm not Christian but why should it matter? You both believe in Christ, evangelical or not.