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  1. pebble107

    Who compiled the Bible?

    Being raised in a christian home, I've always been rather troubled by this question for the simple fact that it wasn't addressed. Who were the people that actually chose the 66 books which we now possess? Were they under divine inspiration as well? :confused:
  2. pebble107

    Did Zorastrianism come first?

    Yes, I was referring to monotheistic religions-thats interesting nonetheless!
  3. pebble107

    Did Zorastrianism come first?

    Thanks! Well that pretty much sums it up doesn't it? From what I've studied though there are a suprising number of similarities between Judeo/Christian beliefs and those of Zoroastrianism. Has anyone noticed this?
  4. pebble107

    Why I Am A Baptist Christian

    the historical events surrounding the actual events recorded in scripture, but we can't base any hard truth on them. It's the same as me reading a book written by a Christian, which may have scriptural insights, but is authored by an imperfect human and may still have errors. We don't believe...
  5. pebble107

    Did Zorastrianism come first?

    Hey! Somewhere along the line I've heard that Zorastrianism was one of the first (if not THE first monotheistic religion) in recorded history. Is this true?
  6. pebble107

    Why do Christians pick and choose?

    Here's what I've been taught- Basically everything that happened in the OT points to Christ. There was the law and it had to be followed (ex. no homesexuality, no disobeying your parents etc.) or else you were killed or (depending on the crime) you performed a blood sacrifice. This was to show...
  7. pebble107

    To my Fellow Jews and Christians

    This is something I've always wondered about. How do we know when God is talking to us in everyday life? Is there such a thing as coincidence? Or does everything that happens have meaning?
  8. pebble107

    Hey Everybody!

    Hey everyone! The name is Tom or Tommy whichever you like. I've been raised a Baptist but lately I've had a lot of questions concerning Christianity and my faith in general. I'm also fascinated about by all the other different religions and beliefs on this site so I hope you guys don't mind...