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Search results

  1. FaithHopeLove


    You know, I don't have much direct, personal experience in this realm. However, I have witnessed the effects of its addiction in my immediate family... my father's addiction to this obscene material definitely did not help matters with my mother. It caused a great deal of pain for both my...
  2. FaithHopeLove

    Grammar on the forums...

    Hillbilly, I have found many people from my home state of AL are in the same boat... they may not say it "just right", but they get their point across. Yes, it is more important in HOW you say it, but there's still the fact that English is our primary language.. and most of us don't use it...
  3. FaithHopeLove

    Favorite Soft Drink?

    How bout some Sunkist Cherry Limeade? That stuff is oh so good. But my all-time favorite is definitely Coca Cola. NO PEPSI. Sick.
  4. FaithHopeLove

    Grammar on the forums...

    All I know is this... as with anything else in this life, I get really frustrated with myself if I don't do something to the best of my ability. Using grammar correctly falls under this category. Supposably... is that even a word? From where does that COME?? And the phrase... "where are...
  5. FaithHopeLove

    Songs You Love To Hate

    Ugh, I hate anything by Uncle Cracker. UGH. Who gave him a mic? Sheesh. I'm a big supporter of Nickel Creek, AKUS, Kelly Clarkson, Sister Hazel, the list goes on... y'all listen to any of those artists? They're purdy good, in my humble opinion.
  6. FaithHopeLove

    What are your favourite musicals?

    I will definitely have to say Les Mis is at the top... who can beat songs like "Bring Him Home" or "Castle on a Cloud". I've never been brought to tears as I was when I saw it in London. WOW. Highly recommend seeing that cast perform it.. they're awesome. I've seen Phantom more times than I...
  7. FaithHopeLove

    1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 (on love)

    Going back to onmybelief's concluding thought... As I have grown up in the church, I have seen so many "Christians" lash out at each other by passing judgment much too quickly. Where is the justification for such actions? Yes, sometimes discipline is needed in the church for those living in...
  8. FaithHopeLove

    Musical instruments...

    So we've established that using instruments in worship is wrong.. clearly it is by the New Testament's silence on the matter. We are to worship God and edify one another by speaking to each other in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. This is my question, what about listening to "Christian...