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  1. InquisitiveScholar

    New Evidence Confirms The Burning Of Jerusalem By Babylonians Described In The Bible

    This does not discount what I said. I called it the land of Judah, although I know that name comes from a later time period than the Sacking of Jerusalem. Needless to say, you are nitpicking details. I am just wondering why this is a question for people. While the place which was later called...
  2. InquisitiveScholar

    New Evidence Confirms The Burning Of Jerusalem By Babylonians Described In The Bible

    I am curious, why is this a question? The land of Judah has been the site of many battles all throughout history. As the crossroads between Africa, Europe, and the Middle east, it was one of the richest trading hubs for most of the ancient world. Thus it has also be the site of many ancient...
  3. InquisitiveScholar

    Are transgender/transsexual people accepted in your religion?

    I am curious where you got this perception from the idea that Good Deeds, which is literally doing good, is not a universally accepted thing. Of course the definition of doing good changes over the times and ages, but in general what most western monotheistic traditions see as doing good, is...
  4. InquisitiveScholar

    Are transgender/transsexual people accepted in your religion?

    Short answer, yes. Long answer, Zoroastrianism does not give a damn about your gender or sexual orientation because the focus of Zoroastrianism is about doing good in your life rather than focusing on what comes after. In that similar vein, Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds, ties into that.
  5. InquisitiveScholar

    Occidental Temple of the Wise Lord

    Although I cannot speak for my Zoroastrian brothers or sisters, I would personally find this incredibly well received. It seems like the majority of what they believe, if not all of it, is pulled from Zoroastrianism and it's texts. Just like the actual faith, they don't seem to push anyone into...
  6. InquisitiveScholar

    What are the differences between Iranis and Parsis?

    In response to you Greased Scotsman, while the Eastern traditions of Zoroastrianism don't look towards converts, the western tradition is much more open and willing. That being said, the lack of proselytizing had not helped the decline of the faith. However there is still hope for the faith. I...
  7. InquisitiveScholar

    Sun, or The one who has made Sun.

    For me, as a Zoroastrian, that is a difficult question. My scientific mind says the Sun is better than whoever made it because without it, we would not exist. However, my mythological mind, is thankful to the creator of the sun, because it, along with all other things made by Ahura Mazda, allows...
  8. InquisitiveScholar

    Divine Inspiration

    No I totally understand where you are coming from, but this dream was shockingly life like. That is why I posted asking about this, because I do have dreams, and they are visually vivid and I can remember the details, but few are as emotionally strong as this one was. Also none of them before...
  9. InquisitiveScholar

    Divine Inspiration

    "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Read more at" ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery So this post is about, if you didn't read the title how dare you, and you should be ashamed of yourself for not reading, the idea of Divine...
  10. InquisitiveScholar

    Divine Inspiration

    Sure thing. So at first this dream was related to me playing Total War: Attila earlier. The dream was very straight forward, looking at terrain and seeing the best possible locations to hold an enemy in place, while raining death on them from above. The usual tactical planning that occurs when...
  11. InquisitiveScholar

    Divine Inspiration

    Well you will be pleased to know I am not insane. I like to think of myself as quite the rational person, never accepting anything without sufficient evidence, and always asking why. Which is why I posted, it is an unusual thing to dream, and believe that it is divinely inspired. With such an...
  12. InquisitiveScholar

    Divine Inspiration

    Wow, okay. Awesome response.
  13. InquisitiveScholar

    Divine Inspiration

    Hey all, So I am not one to ever think that anyone would be contacted by the divine. To me, such an event would be as rare and unlikely as a meteor crashing into earth in the next thirty seconds. So this is why I am posting, I had a very vivid dream a couple of nights ago that, although I...
  14. InquisitiveScholar

    Greater Respect For Pagans

    This might be odd, coming from someone who is Zoroastrian, but Pagan faiths, along with Deist faiths, have a lot in common with Zoroastrianism. Although we fully believe in one god, Ahura Mazda, there are many angels who help make up the aspect of the natural world. Due to this, I have the...
  15. InquisitiveScholar

    What is the #1 thing you like about your faith?

    For me personally, I find that my faith, which calls for self reflection, personal acts, with an emphasis on educating yourself to the world around you are the biggest draws. However my faith also does not demand you prostrate yourself to Ahura Mazda. In fact, quite the opposite. It wants you to...
  16. InquisitiveScholar

    Zoroastrian Resource Thread

    A more accepting Zoroastrian community is good, the faith was highly accepting in it's youth, only after the Muslim invasions did it become much more close off to others.
  17. InquisitiveScholar


    To add onto what MD said, from everything I have read, which I will admit is not as much as MD, and correct me if I am wrong @MD but, the idea of forgiveness in Zoroastrianism is less about praying for salvation, and more about making atonement on this world for the negative acts you have...
  18. InquisitiveScholar

    First Zoroastrian temple in Kurdistan opens

    I am not gonna lie, this makes me really excited. I mean it is terrible that people are converting out of disgust and disillusionment with their current faith. However I cannot hide my optimism and hope that the people will see how awesome Zoroastrianism really is. :D Acutally yes, there were...
  19. InquisitiveScholar

    Zoroastrians: Introduce yourself

    Well if that is the case, I am happy to welcome you to our small, but dedicated, community.
  20. InquisitiveScholar

    Zoroastrians: Introduce yourself

    Hey all, Don't mind me, just jumping in to say that I am also a Zoroastrian, although only a spiritual convert to the faith (I haven't gone through the official ceremony) since early 2015.