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  1. jennadp1216

    Drum 'n Bass.

    not sure if anyone has mentioned these but.... Dieselboy (the dj, not the punk band) and Pendulum are AMAZING drum and bass :0)
  2. jennadp1216

    About influences on the psyche

    Thanks I love it too! You don't have to leave a legacy to matter. We spend our lives worrying about making a buck, because that is the enviroment that we were brought into. If you don't make a buck, you don't live. You can make a buck and still have good moral standings and be a good person...
  3. jennadp1216

    Having a hard time considering going back to Church

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I too, had a similar experience, being shunned in organized religion, scaring me from all religions for the longest time, and very hesitant still. I went to a church with a friend all the time in high school, they invited me on a trip and had this HUGE...
  4. jennadp1216

    About influences on the psyche

    ok good ;0) i get what you're saying though ;0) so, you don't listen to music?
  5. jennadp1216

    About influences on the psyche

    i wasn't trying to be rude, i was just saying, this post was more referring to lyrics, i would assume that music played on an instrument would be hard to define as sinful, since there are no words. Isn't that what the debate forum is about, debate in a nice manner?
  6. jennadp1216

    About influences on the psyche

    thats a very good article - however, it refers more to the melody and the tune - what about lyrics - which are actually what are "filled with sin"?
  7. jennadp1216

    Sugar Coated Madness

    so...you're saying that the world makes certain sins look cool, and you dont agree? if so, since when was beastiality and child molestion made to look cool? last time i checked it is heavily frowned upon in ALL religions and even the unreligious. lol. but i like sugar.
  8. jennadp1216

    About influences on the psyche

    I'm actually having a similar debate with a friend. She just recently became completely 100% consumed in her religion, and before this happened we had bought tickets to go to a concert together. Now that she is more consumed with it, she strongly believes that most music is filled with sin...
  9. jennadp1216


    I was reading something and there was a passage about Sheol - basically from what I gather, instead of a heaven or hell, there was upper sheol and lower sheol (or commonly known as "the abyss"), to be able to get into upper sheol so that you were close enough to hear your family mourn at your...
  10. jennadp1216

    Love and Common Sense vs. Rule and Religious Tradition

    because people have common sense, and it should be used. No i wouldn't act on the fact that i feel like i'm so angry with someone I just want to kill them, but just because the speed limit is 45, doesn't mean that i'm not going to go 50 or 55. Just because the some people believe the rule with...
  11. jennadp1216

    Love and Common Sense vs. Rule and Religious Tradition

    i wouldn't go as far as KILLING a person. but in a less drastic sense I still stand by what I said.
  12. jennadp1216

    Love and Common Sense vs. Rule and Religious Tradition

    I guess what i'm getting at is who's to say what source is right? If you feel positive that the source you're following the rules from is the correct source, then by all means, follow it.
  13. jennadp1216

    Are you qualified to dispute translations of scripture?

    i wouldn't necessarily call the internet Qualified :no:
  14. jennadp1216

    Love and Common Sense vs. Rule and Religious Tradition

    If we didnt let our feelings get in the way then we wouldn't be making a decision, we would be following a rule. We were given free will to make decisions for ourselves, what better way to make a decision for ourselves then to grasp it from our feelings and emotions. But then again, i'm not...
  15. jennadp1216


    i've never declared myself any religion, but just recently my friend took me to a UU church and I started researching on it, and so far, i like what I see :0) right now i'm in the middle of some study guides i found :0)
  16. jennadp1216

    i'm a noob what can i say?

    Glad i have a web browser on my phone, while i'm reading i will need to CONSTANTLY use dictionary.com ;0)
  17. jennadp1216

    i'm a noob what can i say?

    wow. i have my work cut out for me don't i?
  18. jennadp1216

    I don't have a problem with the bible, i have a problem with hell...

    A LOT. I have a friend right now, who is all of a sudden into the bible and becoming an extreme christian, she told ME more or less that i was going to parish if i didnt repent. I cant stop you from telling others this, but I definately wouldn't suggest it. Its not your role. :no: