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  1. St Giordano Bruno

    Are God's followers his servants or his slaves?

    In days I believed in an Abrahamic God, I viewed him as neither an more like his puppets
  2. St Giordano Bruno


    Post deleted, wrong thread by mistake:sorry1:
  3. St Giordano Bruno

    If God is love, why does the term "God fearing Christian" exist?

    They don't believe in God but are too frightened to tell him.
  4. St Giordano Bruno

    Atheists: What Gives Your Life Meaning

    Everything I learn about the world and life except God gives my life meaning.
  5. St Giordano Bruno

    What causes homosexuality?

    I don't know but definitely not the Devil whispering in your ear IMO
  6. St Giordano Bruno

    "Teaching Creationism is Child Abuse"

    Not child abuse, just mere telling them fairy tales from another fairy tale book.
  7. St Giordano Bruno

    Pope will resign at the end of this month

    Richard Dawkins! here is a good job opening for you. The Vatican could do with an atheist Pope to give the place a good shake up.
  8. St Giordano Bruno

    What Happens When You Die?

    I have the say that is far removed from the traditional Abrahamic or Biblical definition of God. That makes the Biblical definition of God look far closer the Pagan Gods they replaced than Chopra's view which I can scarcely recognize as a God at all. So God has only survived through that...
  9. St Giordano Bruno

    What Happens When You Die?

    Science has no answer as to what happens to the "soul" after death, but IMO neither has religion. In fact what makes you think religion has it own scource of knowledge where you have to be a part of that religion to access it? Religion has done a pretty lousy job over the centuries of answering...
  10. St Giordano Bruno

    Scientific evidence / arguments for God

    How was this "God" proven if it was not scientifically proven? What did those bands of bronze age herdsman and farmers know what we did know?
  11. St Giordano Bruno

    Why does hell have to be eternal?

    It would only sound plausible to those living under a tyrannical ruler such as an absolute monarch in the Middle ages. They automatically take it for granted the "afterlife" lives under the same system of government because they know of no other way. Democracy? that would be just brushed aside...
  12. St Giordano Bruno

    Is Michaelangelo's creation blasphemous for Muslims?

    Not unless that was an image of Muhammad instead of Adam.
  13. St Giordano Bruno

    What Happens When You Die?

    Often something after death disturbs be much more than just nothing, because if there is nothing I can never know that I am dead.
  14. St Giordano Bruno

    What Happens When You Die?

    That very closely mirrors my "theories" and I stress theories and not beliefs because I cannot be absolutely sure. I find it quite plausible that the "soul" (for want of a better word) is an emergent property of heightened complexity and their needs only be the one IMO and it idea that it...
  15. St Giordano Bruno

    Tell me why God doesn't exist, and I'll tell you why your'e wrong.

    If you mean a conscious sentient creator I find such a concept impossible to believe in franky.
  16. St Giordano Bruno

    the right religion

    IMHO the right religion is to simply limit your beliefs to what you know. I know the earth is not flat but a slightly oblate sphere and I know it goes around the sun and not the other way around and I know it is considerably much much older than 6,000 years in spite of what the young earth...
  17. St Giordano Bruno

    New way to memorize planet names

    My Very Elderly Mother Just Sent Us News. Makes sense and Pluto is dropped off.
  18. St Giordano Bruno

    the ethics of atheism.

    Just believe what you know and no one truly knows there is a God let's face it, they just "believe" in God at best. Not even Jung knew there was a God, in spite of that famous quote he made "I know there is a God, I don't just believe I know".
  19. St Giordano Bruno

    Which "Concept of God(s)" do you believe?

    Pantheism because it does not subscribe to any supernatural and sentient or even a personal diety as theism does.
  20. St Giordano Bruno

    Atheists: How much of the Bible have you read?

    I read it as a teenager from cover to cover just to see if I could do it like running a marathon I hate and I have never read anything so tedious. I would have rather run the marathon.