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  1. littlefire

    Keep the spark alive

    Keep the spark alive
  2. littlefire

    My first GIMP project

    All of the images I used were public domain, but thanks so much for the reminder! :) I honestly don't know what a mask even is.... :confused: but I'll definitely look it up.
  3. littlefire

    My first GIMP project

    I've never used any photo editing software before in my life (unless PowerPoint and Publisher count...) so I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now; it relates to religious concepts I've been thinking about recently so I thought I'd share. (Also, does anyone have a GIMP tip for removing...
  4. littlefire

    Wanting to Believe in Jesus

    Dear SearchingForGod, I cannot offer much advice but I can say that I feel for you deeply and am sending you lots of virtual hugs, positive energy, and prayers for clarity, healing, and comfort. I understand the realms of familial faith pressures and loss of community and intersections of faith...
  5. littlefire

    Stockholm and Lima Syndromes and the popularity of religious beliefs

    I agree with a lot of the posters that the Stockholm Syndrome analogy is shaky when applied to dogmatic religions in a general sense. However, from my own experience, that analogy can hold weight in individual families and congregations. Fear-based control, gaslighting, false promises of...
  6. littlefire


    Hello lovely people! My spiritual searching has drifted inward recently and I've started to realize that my #1 "hill to die on" is that all religions and spiritualities have components of truth, and that I can learn from (and potentially become a better person within) all of them. St. Google is...
  7. littlefire

    What music gets you in a spiritual sort of mood.

    Even though I'm not Christian anymore, I have to hand it to Hillsong and Bethel Music for mastering the art of hypnotic emotional arousal through contemporary melodic rock. My go-to bands for spiritual musing now, oddly enough, are Soundgarden, Evanescence, Demon Hunter (I love their song...
  8. littlefire

    Why are certain mythologies more popular than others?

    Good point. I think those concepts are related, as Europeans and European-descended Americans have, historically and presently, had more power to define and re-define history, which in turn influences the subjects of interest of those same people in the present. I'm a millennial college student...
  9. littlefire

    Can we remove the dogma from science?

    After reading the article the OP referred to, I can resonate with the author's frustration at the "dogma" in science created by fallible humans and would too like it removed. Is it feasible to remove all shreds of dogma from science? I think not. From my view, all the major systems of...
  10. littlefire

    Why are certain mythologies more popular than others?

    I'm really curious about this as well. When I was taught classical myths in grade school, the "Big 3" (+ Roman) were the only ones taught, so they're the only ones I've had a reference frame for. Completely conjecture here, but Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Norse cultures in the (Christian)...
  11. littlefire

    Christians, anything wrong with the following?

    Objection: The brand of Protestantism I experienced was more insidious in that the irony could not be so easily spotted. It was veiled in layers of rhetoric to gaslight adherents into believing that any torturous fate was brought upon themselves and summarily deserved, tantamount to a battered...
  12. littlefire

    What do you think is the cause of Marian apparitions?

    Me too actually. I tend to be highly susceptible to belief in religious experiences, and if I ever saw something like Mary appearing to me, that's the first thing I would have thought (perhaps concurrently with "dang, I need my meds adjusted").
  13. littlefire

    New Religion Quiz

    I got Unitarian Universalist, which is what I've gotten on every religious quiz I've taken so far, despite never being part of that religion. Maybe the Internet is trying to tell me something... I had to Google several of the choices on the last question, but it was fun learning about Kopimism...
  14. littlefire

    Talk to me about Druidry

    I hadn't looked at this thread in a few days and now I have no idea what's happening anymore. My intent of the thread was to get a basic introduction, what do you as a Druid do and believe, what do modern Druids do and believe, how did Druidry start, historical stuff, etc. So neither of you are...
  15. littlefire

    Do you have a favorite song?

    It changes every week or so, but right now I'm crushing on Fix You by Coldplay and Ordinary World by Duran Duran.
  16. littlefire

    Am I looking for Religion or Spirituality?

    Thank you so much for this information. It's helped clear up a lot of things and is orienting me on the correct direction to learning more. I'm actually really excited and encouraged that you and others of generations older than mine are learning about nonbinary identities. :)
  17. littlefire

    Favorite Apologists

    Although I disagree with him fervently, Ravi Zacharias is a present-day Christian apologist who at least provides interesting intellectual stimulation. http://rzim.org/
  18. littlefire

    Am I looking for Religion or Spirituality?

    @Midget01 I also want to recognize and respect that the faith you have found is beautiful and I am excited that God has called you along that path. I just believe that our paths are different.
  19. littlefire

    Am I looking for Religion or Spirituality?

    Thank you for your post and your concern. I am still seeing a counselor and she is helping me very much, but she is not a religious expert (which I am 100% ok with). Alas, it is hard for me to view the Christian God as anything but controlling. I had been involved with many Bible studies in the...
  20. littlefire

    Am I looking for Religion or Spirituality?

    Bless you @Goddess_Ashtara :clapping: