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Search results

  1. Jedster

    anything good on Netflix?

    @Eddi See Brightburn ...... really evil!!!:smilingimp:
  2. Jedster

    The Challenge of Translation / Especially of Ancient Texts

    @Ehav4Ever What is your opinion of Herbert Danby's translation of the Mishna? https://archive.org/details/DanbyMishnah
  3. Jedster

    Jokes you can say around children and people with no sense of humour

    Knock, knock, whose there? "Upduck" What's Upduck? I didn't know you are bugs bunny.
  4. Jedster

    Jokes you can say around children and people with no sense of humour

    Bill went the doctor and said "every time I put on my hat, I hear music, what's wrong?". The doctor asks to see his hat, so Bill hands the hat to the doctor, who, after a couple of seconds hands it back and says, "Try it now". To Bill's amazement, the hat now didn't make any sounds and asks ...
  5. Jedster

    Jokes you can say around children and people with no sense of humour

    A skeleton walks into a pub and orders a Guiness and a mop. Next!
  6. Jedster

    Do you have the "blues"?

    A great singer
  7. Jedster

    If I jumped from the second story window of this apartment what would happen to me ?

    I was in an accident a few years ago when I broke & dislocated my ankle. I was in agony for more than a year and I am only now beginning to walk normally again. Putting the dislocation back into place was most agonizing. Please don't do it.
  8. Jedster

    Jesus and circumcision

    Literally 'the world to come'
  9. Jedster

    Was Jesus Crucified?

    Hi Darren and welcome to RF. According to Ahmadi Islam , "Jesus is thought to have died a natural death in India.[1][2][3][4] Jesus lived to old age and later died in Srinagar, Kashmir, and his tomb is presently located at the Roza Bal shrine.[1][2][3]" Full article at Jesus in Ahmadiyya...
  10. Jedster

    What religion would you convert to if you were forced to convert to a religion?

    You may find this article of interest. It's from 1997 https://jweekly.com/1997/10/31/ethnicity-line-axed-from-russian-passports/
  11. Jedster

    What do you think about the Bahai faith?

    @Starlight I agree with this. However, irl, I have spent time with Bahais in Israel and the UK and never experienced them as proselytizers.
  12. Jedster

    Say Something Good

    @Rival Although I am not a theist, irl I enjoy discussing scriptures/ esoterics with believers.
  13. Jedster


    I enjoyed the previous version(True Lies 1994) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, worth a watch.
  14. Jedster


    A close Christian friend tells me that he feels Jesus all the time. Another friend who is a Hare Krshna devotee says he feels Krishna all the time. I am sure this goes for other revered people/God/gods. That feeling is invoked by their beliefs, imo. (btw, the above friends take no umbrage at...
  15. Jedster

    Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel

    It is mentioned in this article(as per OP) https://nypost.com/2015/08/01/iran-publishes-book-on-how-to-outwit-us-and-destroy-israel/
  16. Jedster

    Does your religion have end-time prophesies?

    I was a Chabadnik for short period and lived and studied with them. Yes, they do believe in the flood and the words Moses, i.e. Torah as written. I am sure if you just walk into their centre, they'll be happy to speak with you(and probably try to convert you Noahism :>) ).
  17. Jedster

    Question about the socalled "path"

    It happened to me twice that I drove the wrong way down a motorway. I didn't immediately realise why opthers were flashing me. I have to say that the moments I realised I was going when wrong way, was most enlightening in that I had to act immediately or (probably) have a smash-up. The both...