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  1. Srivijaya

    If God could tell you one thing, what would you want it to be?

    Did Judas Iscariot have God on his side?
  2. Srivijaya

    What Have You Been Studying?

    Much maligned (or was it) Yogacara Buddhism. Not on any systematic way, mind you.
  3. Srivijaya

    Do you believe in Bigfoot?

    No... On the other hand, Sasquatch might.
  4. Srivijaya

    POTUS 2020

    You'll have to start your own party. Who says there can only be two parties in the USA?
  5. Srivijaya

    Sleep on it

    When I dream too much, I'm normally tired the following day. I used to have interesting content. Nowadays it's just downright boring.
  6. Srivijaya

    And thanks for the advice. It's a tough topic.

    And thanks for the advice. It's a tough topic.
  7. Srivijaya

    Suicide Memes - Advice Needed

    That sums it up nicely. I was thinking of pm-ing them, so as not to make it public (and thus more embarrassing). I've put a few 'heart' likes on some posts at least. Thanks for all the replies. It's given me courage to try to help, though I'll tread carefully.
  8. Srivijaya

    Suicide Memes - Advice Needed

    None in front of me, but then again, I mainly know them from the work place, where they put on a bright persona. We're not really close and I don't know if the memes really mean anything, but then again, I don't know if they do. I know they quit work due to mental health issues, and I have just...
  9. Srivijaya

    Suicide Memes - Advice Needed

    As there are people on this board with a whole load more experience than me, I thought I'd ask for some guidance. I have a young (much younger) acquaintance - a previous co-worker - who I have recently befriended on Facebook. I know there are mental health issues, although this person comes...
  10. Srivijaya

    Hekate? (Hecate?) Sleep/dream contact

    She gets a mention here. Are you being summoned?
  11. Srivijaya

    eat babies - yet another wingnut right dirty trick exposed

    Reminds me of something I read a while ago, something along the lines of: There is a secretive sect which congregates beneath the ground. In their gruesome rites, they consume the flesh of babies and drink their blood. This perverse practice, they claim their founder exhorted them to do! In...
  12. Srivijaya

    Living In The U.K.

    Leaves as well. Wrong kind on the train tracks.
  13. Srivijaya

    It is the sort of person you are that counts.

    Accepting a theological teaching, or nurturing a personal belief... or rejecting both. What is actually accepted or rejected? God?
  14. Srivijaya

    It is the sort of person you are that counts.

    Does a person reject God, or just their definition of God? Or are the two the same thing?
  15. Srivijaya

    Did Jesus actually die

    Buried? Where does it say that? Where you there when they rolled the stone away? Spirit became flesh, so that flesh could become spirit, no? Even a heathen Buddhist knows that, or maybe not...
  16. Srivijaya

    Were the Medes the ancient ancestors of the Slavs?

    The Slavs don't get much mention in history, but they must have been around as long as any other European people. The Medes are fascinating - I think the original wise men of the east. Perhaps all part of an Indo-European family, but I wouldn't have made a connection between the two.
  17. Srivijaya

    Envy and rivalry among women

    Yeah, but it makes for great literature. Brunhilde V Kriemhild in the Nibelungenlied is central to the whole plot. The face-off in front of the cathedral is epic.
  18. Srivijaya

    How Did the United States Become an Oligarchy?

    There's a sad recognition that binary democracy in the modern world is inadequate on many levels, as it lacks the vision to evolve, and preserve the freedom from which it was born. It is ridiculously easy to polarize and split, and serves to uphold vested interests of one kind or another. Still...
  19. Srivijaya

    What was your religious education in public schools by State?

    In the schools I went to, religious education was seen as a joke. a 'doss' subject where you didn't have to work and could tease the prude teacher with quasi-sexual questions. What I remember of it was a beleaguered older lady stoically standing in front of a class of teenage boys, trying to...
  20. Srivijaya


    The key thing is that the ruling defends Parliament against demagoguery. If they had ruled it was legal, the floodgates would have been opened for any future Prime Minister to dismiss Parliament on a whim. Those who fall asleep in a democracy, wake up in a dictatorship.