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Search results

  1. Old Scratch

    You All Disgust Me!

    And every other English speaker on the planet. To use a reflexive pronoun you should learn!
  2. Old Scratch

    You All Disgust Me!

    With inferior posters I supplied you. Lord over them you should have, but instead you molly coddled them!
  3. Old Scratch

    You All Disgust Me!

    I took only a short break to stir the pot in Florida & Eastern Europe. And what do I find when I arrive to check on my minions running this place? . Upgrade for as low as $3.95! We will see who pays. The Lake Of Fire it shall be for you disloyal miscreants! Now...tell me what you've done for ME...
  4. Old Scratch

    The last post is the WINNER!

    My most devoted servant next winner shall be.
  5. Old Scratch

    My Resignation letter.

    Something I said was it?
  6. Old Scratch

    The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

    Very occupied I have been.
  7. Old Scratch


  8. Old Scratch

    Fighting satan 666

    No need to fight is there. Just get along why can't we all?
  9. Old Scratch

    Are you man enough for this toe?

    The real thing far far far more incendiary is. Notes of pig's chuckle, botfly larva, & casu marzu it has.
  10. Old Scratch

    A Question about PopeaDope

    An acquaintance she is. So anger her you should not.
  11. Old Scratch

    It is time I left this Earth

    No fans of suicide we are. Help you should seek.
  12. Old Scratch

    The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

    If ever the real thing you desire......
  13. Old Scratch

    Is it possible to sell your soul for a wish ?

    Possible it is. But the granted wish ironic will be. A satisfied customer I've not yet had.
  14. Old Scratch

    So Mrs. Wirey thought our bed was too hard

    Mrs Wirey My dutiful & effective servant is. My wildest dreams this exceeded!
  15. Old Scratch

    Lucifer. is there a Devil?

    As your Dark Lord, some things I know. I've been to places you can't go. In hellish nightmares that you fear into that darkness you should peer. Whose eyes see you while you are staring? Tis Mine which are back at you glaring.
  16. Old Scratch

    Thanks, Satan.

    Later with you I'll deal, bubala.
  17. Old Scratch

    Thanks, Satan.

    Welcome you are!
  18. Old Scratch

    Supporting Trump, now a religion?

    Careful you should be, puny human!
  19. Old Scratch

    Three Years and One Day Ago...

    Because so I have said! That miserable puny excuse for a human of no use to Me is. But you...... How you do'n?