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Search results

  1. VioletVortex

    Re-introduce Yourself!

    My name here was Hammerheart (awaiting username change and I'll now be VioletVortex), but my irl name is Adalyn or Addy for short and I go by she/her. I joined when I was 15 because I was into LHP religions and Paganism, but mostly lost interest in those subjects. I also acted very stupid on RF...
  2. VioletVortex

    Can You Choose to Believe?

    People choose based on what they believe. While beliefs can and do change, it isnt a matter of choice. Edit: sorry if this post is duplicated, I'll fix it in a second.
  3. VioletVortex


    To me the sleep cycle thing is reasonable, probably the first thing I should fix. 4 AM to 12 sounds idea to me. I've kind of trained my body to associate dawn with sleeping which isn't really effective. I just got a pullup bar so I do pullups several times a day and I bench and shoulder press...
  4. VioletVortex


    I was thinking about getting a part time job after I get settled into school this year. I'm just nervous about it because I'm really bad at following directions. Also I'm like the last person anyone would want to hire. I have long hair plus I'm short so I look younger.
  5. VioletVortex


    Sorry if this thread seems too negative or somethint, I'm kind of venting... So I just turned 18 and I feel pathetic. All my life I have literally never accomplished anything. I've never played a sport, I've never had a girlfriend, I've never worked a job, I never leave the house. I don't even...
  6. VioletVortex

    It's Hammerheart's Birthday!

    Thanks...I'm not dead:D I still come here sometimes and will probably be a regular again at some point
  7. VioletVortex

    Is reality brutely indifferent to life? Or

    Life has evolved itself to fit nicely with reality. The laws of physics themselves are indifferent to life, but life has found ways to manage it through evolution.
  8. VioletVortex

    Are you a heretic?

    If I go by your definition, yes. I think a lot of people would be.
  9. VioletVortex

    I'm not racist

    I liked that it seemed to do a good job of showing both sides of the story. I've seen a lot of reaction videos though and it seems like people misinterpret it and think that the black guy is on the righteous side, and the white guy is a racist scumbag. The point of the video is that they are...
  10. VioletVortex

    Bed bug dog?

    Id imagine that the bedbugs leave around a lot of blood that the dog would smell. Spiders dont do the same. Still, its a little suspicious.
  11. VioletVortex

    [POLL] What music do you listen to?

    I changed my vote so I guess I'll post here again. I listen to a lot of heavy metal and am getting more into doom metal, especially Saint Vitus. I also like prog and older rock, but I really don't listen to it all that much. Lately I have been getting into rap as well-Necro, Ill Bill, Sabac...
  12. VioletVortex

    Tired of keeping an old status for a year.

    Tired of keeping an old status for a year.
  13. VioletVortex

    Does Publicly Talking About Sex Usually Embarrass You?

    No. I generally talk pretty openly about it and make jokes about my strange preferences. The first time someone found out about one of my fetishes, I was pretty embarassed but now I make jokes about it.
  14. VioletVortex

    My Satanic Altar Photos

    I like that. It's not all fancy or showy like some I've seen, rather it is stark, simplistic, and powerful looking.
  15. VioletVortex

    How quickly can one fall in love?

    The distinction between love and lust is artificial.
  16. VioletVortex

    Now I'm totally, categorically, completely and unequivocally disgusted with myself

    I thought I was 5'2 or 5'3 until I used an actual carpentry tape measure. My height actually ranges from a little under 5'4 to almost 5'5 after a good night's sleep. Medical tape measures aren't very accurate, nor are they standardized. They are used to get a general idea of one's height. I'm...
  17. VioletVortex

    How quickly can one fall in love?

    It depends on the person and there definition of love. If by love you mean extreme obsession with an individual, then it can happen spontaneously. Generally, however, the mutual caring form of love takes time and interaction to develop.
  18. VioletVortex

    How do you deal with the cultural problem?

    When I was a closed-minded separatist, this was a major issue for me. What is more important than dealing with culture differences is recognizing that deities are symbols that transcend culture. There are numerous gods from various cultures that are roughly equivalent to, or even interchangeable...
  19. VioletVortex

    Now I'm totally, categorically, completely and unequivocally disgusted with myself

    Never too short for Heathenism. I used to be a full on Heathen (among other regrettable things) and I'm 5'4. It's the long blonde hair that counts. I'm in the opposite situation as OP. I am 105-110 lbs (approximately 49 kilos) at the aforementioned height. I struggle to eat; I almost hate it...