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  1. H

    so very sad

    so very sad
  2. H

    Trying to find my religion...please help.

    The Belief-O-Matic quiz on beliefnet website may help... I don't know the URL, but I'm sure it'll be the first result when you Google it.
  3. H

    Hello there

    Welcome. Do your questions entertain or cause anxiety?
  4. H


    ah but does anyone practice their traditional religion anymore?
  5. H


    Are there any religions that revere bears?
  6. H

    Has God Introduced Himself to Other Species

    Only human arrogance defines humans as separate from (other) animals. Siberian brown bears have been observed performing behaviors similar to "ritual". Gorillas dance. At least all mammals, and many birds, have been proven to have emotions. All animals are capable of learning, and...
  7. H

    religious languages

    What languages would be most advantageous to learn to study your (or another) religion?
  8. H

    So I collect collections.

    So I collect collections.
  9. H

    It gets harder to collect the more you have.

    It gets harder to collect the more you have.
  10. H

    Can I interview you?

    Can I interview you?
  11. H

    I'm a coin collector too!

    I'm a coin collector too!
  12. H

    Genesis 3:16

    I'm seeking any response at all that helps me understand the Bible. I want to understand it so I can decide if it's of God or not.
  13. H

    Dhammapada 1:16

    clearly states there is a hereafter response?
  14. H

    Doctrine & Covenants 1:17

    What is the "calamity" mentioned?
  15. H

    1 Nephi 3

    Why does Laban want the plates so much?
  16. H

    1 Nephi 1:19&20

    What is the "abomination" of the Jews referred to in this passage?
  17. H

    Genesis 3:16

    Man to rule over woman. How is this not sexist?
  18. H

    Genesis 3:14&15

    Does this refer literally to snakes? Does this explain the disdain felt for snakes in Western culture?
  19. H

    "non-Biblical" or "post-Biblical" Christianity

    Are there any Christian groups who discard the Bible in its entirety, or at least a majority of it?
  20. H

    Hello. I am a Rationalist....

    To find Truth, one must search beyond "fact".